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TheRoyalStore.com is a paper store for all your home, school and office paper products needs. We are also one of the oldest paper coaters in the USA and we manufacture our own Photo Paper - Royal Brites. Royal Brites Poster board is a patented product - the original 2 Cool Colors concept -poster board with a different color on each side, saves you space and money. Look for Royla Brites Neon Board, also called Fluorescent Poster Board, Primary Colors Posterboard, Grid Board and more.

Our 100 year old Paper Doily business supplies the most beautiful Royal Lace Doilies and Placemats on the market. These unique paper doilies have authentic royal lace patterns from European museums. All our Doilies and Placemats are made with hand-crafted metal dies, which makes them unique in the world.

Since we have been in this business for decades, we have a good understanding of the various paper products you may need for your home, school, office or retail store.

We mainly specialize in poster boards and photo paper that are widely used in home, school and business. If you are running a promotional activity in your store, or announce a sale event at hope, Royal Brites poster boards are an ideal choice. We have poster board in various sizes and colors on sale.
Neon boards are the most preferred form of advertising for any business, today. Whether you advertize a tag sale or a school event  or want to grab the attention of the passers-by to a promotion in your store or a new event, your potential customers will notice the Royal Brites Poster Board easily. We manufacture neon poster boards in three main sizes sizes in primary colors, two cool colors, fluorescent neon colors or metallic colors to suit your preferences. We also supply Retail signboards and Business signs.

Theroyalstore supplies all other Royal paper products such as Royal Lace Paper doilies, paper placemats in retail Packs and Food Service or bulk qualtities.  To complement our Royal Lace Food Service line, we offer white cardboard dinner boxes and menu design paper.
Royal Brites Photo Paper is a quality US-Made inkjet paper that you can use for any activity from school presentations, brochures and photographs to scrapbook projects and arts and crafts. Some of our papers like Matte and Brochure papre works in laser printers, as well.
Royal Brites printable cards complement Geographics certificates and design paper for a complete range of printable stationery for busines and personal use.

What we offer that is free and very valuable:

1. You can print your business or personal stationary by yourself with our free templates and Click'n Print Software and save.

2. An excellent Customer ervice that can help you make choices.

We can supply all products in any quantity, big or small.
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