Perfect Banana Bread Day with Royal Lace

On National Banana Bread Day, we are delighted to share a quick and easy recipe that can be whipped up for breakfast or savored as a perfect after-dinner dessert. The recipe goes perfectly with our Royal Lace Doilies.

To make this into a truly festive dessert, you can use our elegant Medallion , French or Normandy Lace Doilies or any paper doilies Royal lace has been making in the US for about 100 years, now. Royal Lace Paper Doilies and Placemats are unique – they are made through engraving with intricate dies engraved by craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century. Fall in love with these outstanding doilies!
Besides, instantly turn any dish into a spectacular meal. Use beautiful doilies under cakes, between serving plates and with coffee or tea that is integral part of your desert.
Featured below is the Medallion Lace Royal Lace Doily which is also great between plates to protect them from scratches.

Use Royal Lace Paper Doilies and add flair to your coffee of tea.







Royal Lace Doilies Go Well with the Banana Walnut Muffins

Recipe Makes 12 muffins     Baking time: 20 -25 minutes


Serve your Banana Bread Muffin on a white paper doily

  • 4 ¼ cups flour (unbleached, all-purpose)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp. baking soda
  • ½ walnut pieces, toasted
  • 2 large eggs at room temperature
  • 3 very ripe bananas
  • 1 stick butter or 1 cup canola oil
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tbsp. fine salt

You will need 12 of our Pastel Assorted Muffin Baking Cups or Gold Foil Muffin Baking Cups for baking and our exquisite Paper Lace Doilies to serve your perfect muffins.

 How to make Banana Bread Muffins:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Use a mixer to cream the butter & sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Wisk the eggs & vanilla and gradually add them in until they are fully incorporated into the creamed butter & sugar mix.
  4. Cut the bananas in pieces, mash them up using a fork and add them in – don’t worry if the mixture looks a bit curdled
  5. In a separate bowl, mix together all dry ingredients – flour, salt, chocolate,     baking soda – add them into the liquid mixture
  6. Fold in the walnut pieces
  7. Using a bit of butter or oil, lightly grease the Royal Lace Baking Cups and,     using  a spoon, gently transfer the mixture into the baking cups
  8. Place the filled cups in a baking tray. Place the tray in the oven, on the         middle rack
  9. Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center of the muffin comes out clean, around 20 – 25 minutes
  10. Take the tray out and let the muffins cool. Remove muffins and place them on medium-size serving dishes.

Add a bit of flair to your serving dishes with our delicate  Floral Lace Paper Doilies      or elegant  Normandy Paper Lace Doilies, a beautiful and elegant way to help you turn an easy to make dessert into a festive looking, eye-catching, mouth-watering treat for your family on National Banana Bread Day or any other day.

Make Your Valentine Feel Special. Go Gold This Year!




Valentine’s Day has been around for more than three centuries now and, every year, we all pretty much know what to expect or hope for – heaps of heart shaped chocolate boxes, armfuls of roses, stacks of greeting cards, all swimming in a sea of happy, cheerful reds and pinks. At, we love them all but here’s a crazy thought for 2017 – what if we ditch the red and go gold this year?

Photo Gold-Heart-Foil-Royal-Lace-Paper-Doilies-4-TheRoyalstore-com-L_TheRoyalStore


We know what you’re thinking, red is the color of love but we’ve been reading up and found that gold is also associated with love, illumination, magic and, yes, passion. Just like the metal, gold can make you think of wealth and prosperity but also sparkle, glitz and glamour or perhaps “a heart of gold”? Moreover, wouldn’t you want your Valentines’ gift to stand out among the reds and pinks? Wouldn’t you want to make your Valentine feeling like he or she is like gold to you?

Whether you’re buying or hand crafting your Valentine cards and gifts this year, make a strong impression instantly with a glamorous gold envelope and make the feeling last by wrapping your gift in one of our elegant, intricate and delicate ivory or gold lace heart paper doilies.

If you are not feeling particularly romantic this year, it’s worth noting that February 14th is also alternately celebrated as Single’s Day (China) or Friend’s Day (Finland) so you might want to treat yourself or send a few words of appreciation to friends and family – you can do that by using our cheery Geographics design paper or our lovely, delicate butterfly themed envelopes.

Photo Sweet-Day-No-10-Envelopes-4-13-x-9-5-Geographics-TheRoyalstore-com-L_TheRoyalStore

No matter who you might be reaching out to, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year (after Christmas) for sending cards & gifts and, statistically, most of them are purchased in the six days prior to the holiday so, for all you procrastinators out there, this is the perfect time to do your Valentine’s Day shopping.

How to Make Valentine’s Greetings


Materials needed:

Multiple 10″ Royal Lace French doily
8″x10″ piece Pink tulle
1 yard pink 1/4″ satin ribbon
1 Sheet Royal Brites red poster board
Assorted magazine cut outs of flowers or Victorian motifs


1.  Fold the doily in half and position fold at bottom. Bring left & right ends together in center front of doily so that folds meed in center. This forms a triangle with a rounded top, point at bottom. (See illustration)

2. Taking folded points, fold them down to create flaps. (See illustration)

3. Spacing them evenly, cut three 1/4″ long slits along remaining center fold line. Repeat along other fold. (See illustration)

4. Pink edges of tulle. Gather piece of tulle at bottom and staple to inside back of doily.

5. Create “bouquet” inset. Draw a triangle about  2 1/2″x 2 1/2″ x 4″ on heavy paper, draw a roughly scalloped top, then cut out. Attach chosen flower or Victorian motif cutouts to this triangle base, placing 4″ side at top. Glue photos to paper to create a bouquet. Overlap and glue flower motifs so that some will come over the top of the triangle.

6. Place the “bouquet” inset over top of the tulle, placing point of triangle at bottom inside of doily fold. Glue or staple.

7. Thread the ribbon into 1/4″ slits like lacing a shoe. Tie remaining ends into a bow.

8. Add decorative heart on outside of flaps and make special “message card” ( trimmed with the edge of Royal Lace Placemat) to tuck into the fold of the remaining flap.


Making Valentines can be as simple as cutting a heart out of red paper, writing your own special message on it and mounting it on a Royal Lace Medallion Doily slightly bigger than the heart.

Add bows, tiny flowers, lace or even a picture of yourself!

If you bring someone flowers, wrap them in a large Royal Lace Medallion Doily.

Let us know how your project came out. Get your Royal Lace Paper Doilies, Today!

Use Printable Thank You Cards and Save on Party Stationery

Printable Thank You Cards TheRoyalStorePrintable thank you cards are inexpensive and available in a wide assortment of colors, sizes and designs, particularly from stationery retail stores online.  As a result, making your own thank you cards is a great way to save money and make personalized stationery for special occasions and events.  By designing your cards digitally, you’ll have many creative options at your fingertips to make your cards exactly as you like them.

You can use printable thank you cards of any size to make thank you notes, but some common sizes are 4.25”x5.5” and 5.5”x8.5”.  Depending on how formal or informal your event is as well as how many people you are making cards for, you may want to choose one style of thank you card over another. For instance, printable thank you cards with a textured surface as well as embellishments such as embossing or foil detailing are an excellent choice for event such as bridal showers, anniversaries and more. Alternatively, thank you cards with a pre-printed themed design, such as birthday, floral, etc., are ideal for casual parties.  If you enjoy the idea of designing your card entirely from scratch, printable blank cards are available in an assortment of colors and sizes, and they often come with envelopes.

Creating a design for a set of printable thank you cards is simple, and you can choose from a variety of methods to get the job done. One cost-effective way of designing a card is to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, on your computer.  The tricky part is creating an appropriate layout; you will need to alter the size and possibly the margin width of your page to match the size of the card you are printing and create your desired card cover. However, once you have the proper settings in place, you are free to design your card message by using whatever fonts, colors, alignments and digital embellishments (such as clip art or images) that you choose. If you are working with foldover cards rather than flat cards, it may be helpful to use a free thank you card template such as those offered by Templates provide pre-made textboxes and help to ensure correct printing.

Printing your own thank you cards allows you to send a personal message of gratitude to your peers while saving you time and money. The iClickn’Print Design Center is a free design tool offered by Try it to DIY in style and save!

How to Make DIY Wedding Invitations from Home

DIY Wedding Invitations TheRoyalStoreThere are many advantages to making DIY wedding invitations instead of ordering your wedding invitations from a designer. In addition to saving a lot of money, you will have the opportunity to make a personal impression on your wedding guests through your design. Printable formal invitations come in many sizes and designs that look professionally printed.

To make DIY wedding invitations, you should first find a set of printable formal invitations that suits the needs and look of your wedding.  Invitations can be made from printable flat invitations, printable foldover panel cards, design paper and many other stationery materials – the choice is up to you! Formal invitations will often feature professional embossing & foil designs and also be constructed from textured paper such as vellum, parchment or fine paper. Using invitations with a pre-printed design will save you time during your design process, but using blank textured stationery (often available in many colors) will give you the freedom to design your invitations from scratch and make them completely your own.

If you are looking to design all of your wedding stationery, try looking for invitation kits online. Invitation kits and sets may feature items such as printable invitations, envelopes, note cards, thank you cards, place cards & other stationery for formal occasions. If you need to make a large number of invitations and other stationery for your event, you can save both time and money by using a collection. In addition, kits ensure that you will have a cohesive themed look amongst all of your wedding stationery.

There are many ways you can design your invitations via computer. At the most basic level, DIY wedding invitations can be designed using only a word processing program. Simply adjust your page layout so your document matches the size of your printable invitations (ex: 5.5”x8.5”) and then type the text for your invitations using the desired fonts and colors. You can also use a downloadable invitation template, typically available for free from online stationery stores. Templates can be beneficial because they offer guidelines to help you type your text and print correctly. Finally, you could use a stationery design program to get the most design options in one package. The iClickn’Print Design Center is a web-based design tool that is offered for free to TheRoyalStore customers.

It is up to you to decide which methods to make DIY wedding invitations work best for you considering your wedding plans and your technical capabilities. With the right tools, you can create meaningful and memorable invitations at low cost!

Make Achievement Certificates from Home or Office with Printable Awards

Certificate of Achievement and Recognition TheRoyalStorePersonalized achievement certificates make fantastic gifts for your students, colleagues, or loved ones who deserve a little recognition.  With just your printer and a design tool or program, you can create both elaborate and simple certificates that convey your appreciation for your honorees.   Why make your own certificates from home?  Doing so is cost-effective, fast, easy and above all a highly personal way of showing that you care!

All certificates of achievement and recognition start with printable certificate paper.  You can find certificates in many designs, colors, and sizes both in stores and on the web.  The advantage of buying in-store is that you can see and feel your certificates, which will help you determine the best method of going about your award design.  However, you will have a wider selection of printable certificates when shopping online.  Traditional certificates are made from parchment paper and usually display a filigree border design in a color like blue, red, green, gold, or silver.  Non-parchment certificates are available in a bigger range of designs, such as themed designs for kids and school.  The most common certificate size is standard 8.5”x11” letter size, but you may also come across smaller 2UP and 3UP certificates that feature two and three certificates per page.

Once you have chosen your printable certificates, you can begin your digital design.  You may be thinking that you’ll need specialized software to design your own certificates, but this is not mandatory.  Standard 8.5”x11” certificates can be designed quickly and simply using your word processing program of choice.  All you need to do is set your page orientation (traditionally, certificates are oriented Landscape) and adjust your margins so you will type within the borders of your printable certificates.  From there, you can write your award’s message in the desired fonts and sizes and also add any digital embellishments, such as clipart or a logo for your school or company, if applicable.

Templates and design software can be helpful tools if you want to make a detailed achievement certificate.  Templates come in many forms, but you can commonly download free templates online from retailers of certificate paper and other printable stationery.  Using a template will provide guidelines for designing and printing your certificates correctly, and they may also feature certificate wording.  Design software for certificates ranges greatly in both price and function, but often includes creative tools that you cannot apply easily to templates.  IClickn’Print Design Center, a web-based design program offered for free to TheRoyalStore customers, includes hundreds of adjustable pre-made templates and design options that you can use to make certificates of achievement and recognition in minutes.

Making customized achievement certificates for your peers will make both you and your award recipients feel proud.  DIY and save!

Make Meaningful, Personal Gifts with Printable Gift Certificates

Printable Gift Certificates TheRoyalStoreDid you know that you can use printable gift certificates to design and print fun, speedy gift awards right from your home or office computer?   Printable certificates are a unique material that come in many designs and sizes for any occasion.  Printable gift are often found in a 3UP format, which features three certificates per 8.5”x11” sheet separated by perforated lines.  By creating your own gift certificates, you can save money and efficiently make gift awards that are customized for your school or business!

When shopping online, you are sure to find a vast assortment of printable gift certificates.  Traditional certificates feature a filigree design in professional colors like blue, gold, red, green, or silver.  However you may be able to find gift certificates with school and other themed designs, which make excellent rewards for children.   Keep in mind your digital design plans when buying a pack of printable gift certificates.  It’s in your digital design where you’ll truly be able to bring your gift certificates to life.

Designing a gift certificate can be as simple or as detailed a process as you want it to be, and there are a variety of helpful tools you can use to help you meet your needs.  Since standard printable certificates come in an 8.5”x11” size, you can easily create a large gift certificate in a program like Microsoft Word.  However, if you are using smaller size 8.5”x3.66” or 3UP gift certificates, using a certificate template can go far in facilitating the design and printing process.  Free downloadable stationery templates can be found from many sources on the web, so if you choose to download a template make sure your source is reputable, such as an online stationery store.  Design software, such as the iClickn’Print Design Center offered by, is another certificate-making tool that offers more design options than a basic MS Word template.

If you are pressed for time, you can simply write your message and print your gift certificates.  However, adding both digital and physical embellishments will increase the visual appeal of your awards and also make a great impression on your gift recipients.  For example, if you are making certificates for your school or business, adding a digital logo image to your design is a great way to customize them.  You can also add pictures and clip art to add to the celebratory mood!  Post-printing, why not adorn your gift certificates with stickers, seals, ribbons, and other decorations?  Finally, presenting your gift certificates in document covers or certificate envelopes will make your award ceremony all the more significant!

Use printable gift certificates and save!

Use Printable Baby Shower Invitations to Personalize your Baby Celebration

Printable Baby Shower Invitations TheRoyalStoreIf you want to throw a personal and memorable baby shower, using printable baby shower invitations to create your own invitations lets you use your creativity to make a great impression on your guests.  When making custom shower invitations, you can use printable invitations that feature a themed baby design, use an invitation with a simple design, or create a completely original design yourself and print it on blank invitations.  No matter which type of printable invitations you use, printing custom stationery for your event can save you time and money when planning your baby shower.

Online, you can find printable baby shower invitations in a variety of designs.  A themed invitation that features artwork of cradles, pacifiers, teddy bears, and other baby items can serve as a fun introduction to your shower.  However, printable invitations enable you to be as creative and detailed as you like with your own design.  For example, you could use a blank or simple pack of invitations, such as white invitations with a foil border, and then add your own images, clip art, and digitally designed elements to make your invitations truly unique.

Some common sizes for printable baby shower invitations include 4.25”x6.25”, 5.8”x9”, and 6.25”x9”; when choosing a set of printable invitations, make sure that you can properly use them printer as well as your design program of choice, if planning to use one.  If you will be hosting many guests, you may be interested in buying invitations in bulk or using an invitation kit, which may include envelopes as well as other stationery items like thank you cards.  You have many choices as to how to produce your invitations.  If you like a handmade touch, for example, you can write your invitation message by hand using calligraphy and embellish your cards with themed button, ribbons, rub-on or other crafty decorations.  However, if you need to print a large number of invitations or you are pressed for time, creating your invitation design digitally can help you produce your cards quickly and efficiently.

An invitation template can be a valuable resource when making printable baby shower invitations; not only will you have an easy-to-use layout in which to arrange your invitation message, but the guidelines will help to keep your design in order so it prints correctly.  Free downloadable stationery templates are often available from stationery retailers online; not all stationery templates are made equal, so make sure to download from a reputable source website.  Alternatively, you can use a web-based design program to design your invitations; such programs may feature pre-made layouts which you can adjust and populate with custom text, images, clip art, decorate elements such as shapes and more.  The IClicknPrint Design Center is available for free to customers.

By designing and printing your own baby shower invitations you can offer your loved ones a creative and memorable introduction to celebrating the new baby!  DIY and save!

Make Personalized School Certificates to Reward Students

Printable School Certificate TheRoyalStoreIn the classroom, awards such as handmade school certificates can go far to encourage children to do their best.  School and kids certificates can be made quickly and easily using printable certificates.  If desired you can add physical touches such as calligraphy or stickers to make your awards more personal, but you will save the most time by creating your overall design digitally.  With the right tools and materials, you can make professional-looking certificates in minutes.

Online, you can find the widest selection of printable school certificates.  If you want to make traditional awards, look for parchment or non-parchment printable certificates with a filigree border; you can easily find them in basic colors like blue, green, burgundy, gold, or silver.  However, if you are making certificates for younger students, using a school-themed certificate design will add a fun, celebratory mood to the occasion.  School certificates are available designs that show achievement in a special school subject or activity, such as sports certificates.

If you are shopping in an office supply store, you are likely to find printable school certificates in the standard 8.5”x11” letter size.  However, online you will also see 2UP and 3UP certificate varieties which have two and three certificate per sheet, respectively.  Smaller certificates may appeal to younger children and they are also perfect for gift certificates!  Furthermore, they can save you time when printing your awards.

You can create school certificates using many digital methods.  If you are using 8.5”x11” certificates, you can design your own template with ease in a program such as MS Word.  Simply orient your document accordingly (traditional certificates are oriented landscape), type your message using your preferred font(s), add any digital embellishments such as clip art or a logo, and then print!  Alternatively, you can use a free award certificate template from an outside source; downloadable templates can be found online stationery retailers.  The benefit of using pre-made templates is that they offer a structured layout in which to enter the content for your certificate, preventing printing errors.  Furthermore, they are often available free of charge!

Giving students school certificates is a great way of positively reinforcing hard work and good behavior.  The iClickn’Print Design Center, a program offered to customers of, can help you create classy awards and other stationery with the help of templates and design tools.  DIY and save!

Use Sign Board to Make a Sign Like a Pro – 2

DIY Sign Board Royal BritesIf you’re planning a tag sale or a yard sale, making a do-it-yourself sign with sign board can do a great deal of advertising for your sale without costing you a lot of money.  With some neon sign board, a transparency sheet, and poster borders you can create an attractive and effective sign in the blink of an eye.  Online you can find a versatile stock of sign board and board supplies to make the best sign for your sale.

Making a do-it-yourself yard sale sign with sign board is a great way to let people know about a sale in advance so you can get the most visitors possible.  In the project pictured above, we’ve made a yard sale sign using one sheet of sign board, one sheet of transparency, and some Royal Brites Repositionable Color Dots poster borders.  To start, decide which way you’d like to orient your sign—in this case, we’re using a landscape orientation.  Next, write the text for your transparency in a simple Word document—be sure to orient this page the same way you want to orient your sign.  For our yard sale sign, we’ve included some relevant clipart.  Insert the clip art you desire into your Word document.  As you will be printing on a transparency sheet, it may be better to avoid using color images since black ones will show up better.  When you’ve completed arranging the text for your sign, print your document using the “Mirror Image” printer setting.  This way, the text for your sheet will print backwards so it won’t be exposed to rain or other elements when you display your sign.  After you’ve oriented your text correctly, secure the transparency to your sign using adhesive poster borders and your sign will be finished!

With all of the elements combined, your do-it-yourself sign will be welcoming and eye-catching to draw people to your sale.  Consider adding board supplies and decorations such as stickers and shapes or your own touches using poster markers or glitter glue.  The more personal you make your sign the more of an effect it will have on a passerby!