Easy Wedding Invitation Ideas For a Tight Budget

Coming up with wedding invitation ideas doesn’t have to be a stressful and costly process.  Opting to make your own wedding invitations may seem like a risky idea, but with the right tools and materials it can be a fun and easy task.  At TheRoyalStore.com, you’ll be sure to find a style of printable formal invitations that fits your wedding as well as plenty of design ideas for free!

Before you begin looking for wedding invitation ideas, ask yourself what the general feel of your wedding is going to be.  Ornate?  Simple?  Fun?  Browsing the varieties of formal invitations at TheRoyalStore.com will give you a visual idea of how a wedding invitation can evolve into a memorable greeting for your special day.  TheRoyalStore.com offers a wide stock of premium formal invitations from simple card and envelope packages to complete invitation kits in a variety of borders, colors, and finishes.  When choosing your blank invitations, take care to check that the paper will work with your printer at home.  Depending on the finish of your invitations, they may be better suited to either inkjet printers or laser printers.

Once you confirm your wedding invitation ideas, all you’ll need is the blank canvas of a template or a design program to make your invitations a reality.  TheRoyalStore.com features a collection of free downloadable templates that open in Microsoft Word and come with simple instructions.  Just replace the default text with your own information and images or clip art (if you wish) and you’re ready to print!

If you’d prefer to work with a design program to develop ideas for your wedding invitations as you work with them, try out Click n’ Print, a free design program from TheRoyalStore.com.  Click n’ Print enables you to design your own invitation template from scratch or using a ready-made suggested wording and layout.  Since you’ll probably have quite a few invitations to customize, you can personalize up to ten invitations simultaneously to quickly print in bulk.  In addition, you can edit your text within the template using a variety of fonts and colors, rearrange your layout, include clipart for a decorative touch, and even import your own images.  Utilizing a visual and hands-on design program like Click n’ Print will ensure that your wedding invitations come out classy, professional and unforgettable.

There’s nothing better than using your own ideas to make wedding invitations to personalize your special day.  Check out the selection of formal cards and invitations at TheRoyalStore.com to find inexpensive options for your wedding.