3 Ways to Use Royal Brites Design Paper

Man’s love affair with paper began more than 2, 000 years ago in China and we owe its invention to T’sai Lun (about 105AD). Understandably, he soon became the god of papermakers.

The history of writing goes back to Ancient Egypt. Even the word “paper” comes from papyrus, a plant that was abundant in Egypt and used to produce a thick, paper-like material used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Another predecessor of paper was “tapa”, a kind of cloth born in the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and from the inner bark of fig, daphne and mulberry trees.

Today, we see and use paper for both practical and artistic purposes. From storing and filing data to wrapping our food or packages to creating art. At TheRoyalStore.com, our love of paper is at the heart of everything we do. One of our favorite products is our wide and varied selection of Design Paper. We love Design Paper as it brings together two elements we value – practical use and beauty.

How to use and enjoy Design Paper:

  • Letter writing. Although considered a bit of a dying art, many of us still enjoy putting pen to paper and adding a more personal touch to communicating with people we care about. Think about it, in a world where digital has become the norm, don’t you feel special when someone sends a letter? They thought about you while choosing a paper style and envelope. They’ve added a personal hand message instead of using a computer. Not to mention love letters…
  • Thicker than normal paper, versatile and already containing décor elements, Design Paper is perfect for scrapbooking. It can serve as a base for gluing, stitching your favorite photos or magazine cutouts or you can use it to draw or paint on it. Our Floral and Nature Printable Design Paper features both delicate and colorful designs. Here are 36 Great Scrapbook Ideas and Albums to get you started.

  • Creative Writing or Arts and Crafts projects. Both at home and in the classroom, children love hands-on creative projects. Use School Printable Design Paper as a base for children to practice poem or essay writing or to paint or draw. Your students or children will love the creative design and it will help inspire them. They can also use Design Paper to replicate their favorite paper project.

To make the best out of your projects, you can further customize products purchased at TheRoyalStore.com – use Free Templates, Clipart &Wording section on the website or at iClicknPrint Design Center. This is a free tool offering a great selection of design options such as fonts, colors, clip art, shapes, templates, suggested wording and many more.


How to Talk to Children About International Women’s Day




Every year, on March 8th, more than 100 countries celebrate International Women’s Day. The tradition started in the United States, in 1909, and marked the one year anniversary of the 1908 New York women’s strike. The strike was led by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU) and this was one of the largest labor unions in the United States. It was also one of the first U.S. unions to have a primarily female membership.

Today, International Women’s Day recognizes and honors women’s achievements in science, arts, politics, literature, etc. The United Nation’s theme for 2017 is Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030. TheUN Secretary -General, Antonio Guterres, also encourages everyone to “pledge to do everything we can to overcome entrenched prejudice, support engagement and activism, and promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

As firm believers in equal rights for men and women and in the role of education as a powerful tool for change, TheRoyalStore joins today’s celebration. Here is an activity idea on how talk to children, both young boys and girls, about the history of women’s rights and gender equality.

International Women’s Day – Play the True or False Game 

Gather a few stats or interesting facts about the theme and share them with the group. We recommend Royal Brites White Matte Business Cards to print or write down the facts and give them out to participants. Ask each participant to pick up a card and read the text out loud. Then ask the group if they think the statement is true or false. Also, to make it more fun, take a few sheets of Royal Brites Poster Board, cut each one in 2 and print FALSE and TRUE on each side of the two halves. Give them out to the group to use as they play the game.

To help you with the research here are a few interesting statements to start with:

  • Women were not allowed to compete in track and field events at the Olympics until 1928
  • Marie Curie is the only woman to ever win two Nobel Prizes
  • American women cast their first ballots in the presidential elections of 1920
  • In Saudi Arabia, women voted for the first time in 2016
  • Women with full-time jobs still earn only about 77 percent of their male counterparts’ earnings. Talk about how much you earn, and report inequality.

Go to the United Nations website to download and print some useful information.Then include four images on a blank sheet of Royal Brites White Poster Board and print, cut and use them as part of the game.

As you play the game, make sure you stop and discuss each issue with the group. Then ask them to share their opinion, thoughts and ideas around how they think gender inequality can become a thing of the past.

Happy International Women’s Day!

The Benefits of Satin Photo Paper

Satin Photo PaperSatin photo paper is the paper for you if you’re looking for a photo paper that will produce great color quality and professional results with low glare.  Satin photo paper, also known as semi-gloss or luster paper, features a soft, lustrous finish that is designed to show off the best of an image without the high gloss.
Since satin photo paper displays well without a protective covering and is also durable enough to be handled without too much care, it is a great choice of photo paper for a variety of projects.  It works particularly well when printing business documents, presentation photos or photos for school projects. Some photo labs use satin photo paper because customers prefer the look and feel of a satin finish.

Brochure paper is a double-sided, satin-coated paper with a velvety feel.  It is an excellent multi-purpose material that you can use to make professional-looking brochures, business or school presentations and reports.  The semi-gloss finish has the advantage that it is more impervious to fingerprints, and a splash of water will not destroy your picture (provided you clean it off within a reasonable timeframe).

Satin paper is for people who do not want to use matte or glossy paper, but something in between. The quality of the satin photo paper is as good as that of matte or glossy, the only difference being the finish. Satin photos can have sharp and vibrant colors and can be also last very long depending on the technology involved and the ink you are using.  Satin paper is usually sold at the same prices as matte and glossy paper.

In most cases, satin photo paper is offered in 8.5” x 11” or 4”x6”.  If you are feeling creative, you can use the 8.5×11” to make three photo greeting cards or any other photo size. Check out clicknprintgeo.com, a free design program that lets you make great photo projects.  Look under the photo paper category and find unlimited photo printing possibilities for free!

Professional Satin and a Professional Plus Satin photo paper are also available with the same great qualities as a professional high gloss photo paper. This is a super heavyweight photo paper that is great for photo projects that require outstanding image quality.  Professional satin paper is in the same price range as professional high gloss photo papers—the difference depends on whether your aesthetic preference is the high gloss or semi-gloss.

Anything printed on paper will naturally deteriorate over time due to natural gases in the air.  Some satin photo paper can be ozone resistant—this means that it will last for years without yellowing or losing image quality. This is called archival paper and it is best used in photo and scrapbook albums as well as in any projects where the images are not protected by glass or archival plastic sheets.

No matter what your project is, you can’t go wrong with satin photo paper.  Look for the best satin photo paper to print great photo projects!

Use Premium Photo Paper to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Printing

Premium Photo Paper



When it comes to printing your own photos, premium photo paper is one of the best types of photo paper you can buy.  Photo paper is strongly recommended over regular printer paper for printing photos because it is designed to bring out the vivid details and colors in an image.  In addition, photo paper is heavyweight and features a finish on the surface that will protect the photo from aging and other elements.  Premium photo paper in particular excels at all of these qualities.  Also known as high gloss or brilliant gloss photo paper, it will make an image the best it can be in addition to being instant-dry and smudge resistant.  Of all of the photo papers on the market, premium photo papers are guaranteed to give you the longest lasting photos.  At TheRoyalStore.com, you can find premium photo paper in several different sizes from many quality brands.

Premium photo paper allows you to make photographs that look professionally processed right from home.  In general, it is designed to give you the highest quality photos, but varying brands feature different weights, calipers, and finishes so it is up to you to decide which brand works best for you.  At TheRoyalStore.com, you can find various types of  Lexmark photo paper, Jet Print photo paper and Royal Brites photo paper.  Photos printed on premium Lexmark paper are estimated to last up to 100 years with proper care and handling.  Jet Print premium paper is optimized for digital photography and offers high color densities and image vibrancy.  Royal Brites photo paper is compatible with all major inkjet printers as well as both dye and pigmented inks.  Any brand of photo paper you choose should produce excellent photos, but trying different ones out will help you determine those that best meets your needs.

While premium photo paper is a great option if you intend to print and store your personal photos, it is also a fantastic choice for business and social purposes.  Photos printed on premium photo paper will be highly visible from a distance thanks to the excellent color quality.  They will also be protected from liquid damage or dust since the paper is thickly coated.  For example, premium photo paper can help create a classy photo display for a wedding or another formal event.  The color quality of your photos will be unmatched, and best of all they will last for generations!

TheRoyalStore.com offers an extensive variety of premium photo paper as well as everyday photo papers and specialty inkjet papers.  Check out all of the options to find the best photo papers for you at great prices!