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Cutie Pie Chipboard Lacing Borders, 6 Pks/Case

Cutie Pie Chipboard Lacing Borders, 6 Pks/Case
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6 Pack/Case, Design
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Eight poster board adhesive borders made of recycled chipboard are great for hanging 11x14" poster board sheets.
The pack contains 4 straight borders and four lacing or scalloped edge borders in two different designs The borders ahere on poster board and secure the poster board sheet at the top and bottom supporting it to stay straight.
You can display two 11x14 sheets of poster board with 1 pack of borders.
The borders have holes through them and can be used with ribbon for hanging on a wall or carrying like a bag with handles.
Hang your poster board projects and signs and make them look colorful and stay straight.
This is the cheapest and most practical poster board hanging solution.
Plus, it accents the poster board with complementary colors and makes your display or project look great and stand out.
Great if used to grab attention.
Use indoors and outdoors, (on sunny days)!

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Brand: Sonburn
Theme/Event: Baby Girl
Product Type: Chipboard Lacing Borders
Color: Design
UOM: pack/case
Count/Pack: 1
Packs/Case: 6
Cutie Pie Chipboard Lacing Borders, 6 Pks/Case

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