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Wish List FAQ

What is My Wish List?

My Wish List is a place where ypo can save items of interest until you are ready to purchase them.
If you are not a registered customer, you can create a Wish List Account to save your shopping cart contents for your next visit. Credit card information is not required to create a Wish List account.

How do I view My Wish List?

You can view your Wish List by accessing the Wish List link in your account information page, top right side of the page,.
In order to view your Wish List, you need to Sign In. If your Wish List link does not appear on the top right side of the page, try to Sign In, first.

How do I add items to My Wish List?

To add an item to My Wish List, just click the "Add to Wishlist" button for any item that interests you. The "Add to Wishlist" button appears next to the "Add to Cart" button in the product info pages.

Can I add "out-of-stock" items or "coming-soon items"?

Yes. You can add any of these items, together with in stock items to My Wish List.

How do I move My Wish List items to my Shopping Cart?

To move My Wish List items to the Shopping Cart, either click "Move to Cart" under the product name in the "My Wish List" box (if the My Wish List items are shown in the box); Or, in My Wish List main page.you can check the "Move to Cart" box next to the item(s) and click the "Update" button.

How do I remove items from My Wish List?

To remove items from My Wish List, either click "Delete" under the item's name in the "My Wish List" box or check the "Delete" checkbox next to the item(s) on the My Wish List main page and click the "Update" button.

Can I "remove" and "move to cart" at the same time?

Yes. On the My Wish List mainpage, you can check the boxes next to the item(s) you want to "Delete" and "Move to cart" and click the "Update" button to perform all operations simultaneously.

Can I make My Wish List available to others?

Sorry. Currently My Wish List is only "saved" when you create / log in to your account. Therefore, you are the only one that can see it. However, you can email your wishlist to a friend by visiting the My Wish List main page, entering their email address into the 'send your wishlist to a friend' box and clicking the email envelope.

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