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We are the US manufacturer’s website and our main brands are:
Geographics®, Royal Lace® and Royal Brites®.
In addition, we may offer well known school and office supplies brands.

Royal Lace®


Paper Doilies Royal Lace

Royal Lace® has been a leading brand for fine paper doilies since 1911. The Royal Lace® doilies feature museum quality lace designs with intricate lace borders that simulate 15th century French and Belgian laces, some of them museum pieces.

Royal Lace doilies are being produced using the finest lace design steel dies, manually crafted by engravers in the first half of the 20th century.

Royal Brites®


2 Cool Colors Poster Board Royal Brites
How To Make A Project With Plants
Royal Brites Foam Board

The Royal Brites® brand is best known for the Two Cool Colors™ concept: a different color on each side. It saves space and allows a multitude of applications from cards to signs , arts and crafts and school projects. Plus, if saves space on the racks of the retail stores.
Try US manufactured and coated Royal Brites poster board and enjoy vibrant colors from five neon colors to the main primary colors.
Poster Board comes in various sizes: from the legal and printable 8.5:x14″ sign board to the larger 11″x14″, 20″x30″ and 22″x28″.
Go to Iclicknprint and customize Royal Brites Display Board for free using the EZ Poster Print application.

Royal Brites® Poster Board & Foam Board, Project Board, SIgn Board and Poster Accessories can be used in a multitude of projects for business, home, school and arts and crafts projects.

The Two Cool Colors™ Poster Board is a patented product that offers a different color on each side. All our products are coated on 2 sides and, besides the benefit of two products in one. they differentiate from competitors through the following features and benefits:

  • Graphic arts quality coating
  • Brighter colors – great attention grabber
  • UV protection – fade resistance
  • Water resistant – no bleeding when exposed to water;
  • Coating allows great contrast for pen, marker and paint

Use Royal Brites products for Signs and Signage, School & Arts and Crafts Projects and more.
Our Templates and tools plus your creativity can get you very far, a practical and proud user of Made in America paper and board products!

Royal Brites®


Poster Letters Numbers Royal Brites

Royal Brites® Poster and Project Accessories are a great addition to the Poster Board, Foam Board and Project Board lines.

Use them to easily and professionally complete your sign, school project, Science Fair Display Board project. Accessories help you finish quality presentations with minimum effort.

As a Free alternative, we offer the Iclicknprint E-Z Poster Print module which allows customers to print on regular paper all the signs and texts they wish to attach to poster board, foam and project board for a professional-looking result. It saves time and money!



Awards and Recognition Geographics Certificates Covers and Seals

Geographics® Parchment and Foil Certificates can be used for Awards and Diplomas to recognize and reward.

Customize Geographics certificates using Word Templates or Iclicknprint templates, Clip Art, Wording and Merge. Save time and money and look like a pro!
See our three different certificate sizes and start your own customization process.

Our favorites: Geographics Parchment and Foil Certificates, now coming also in heavier weight 65 lb cover!
Use Certificates with certificate Holders and Certificate Seals to create an unforgettable and luxurious award presentation.

Check Iclicknprint Demos and learn how to customize up to 20 certificates in one project, using the new Merge feature. Learn, Repeat, Enjoy!



Printable Designer Stationery by Geographics
Geographics Envelopes, Printable Designer Stationery

Geographics® Printable Designer Stationery features a comprehensive line of Everyday and Holiday pre-printed and fine paper products that can be customized for free using Word Templates, Clip Art and Suggested Wording.
Iclicknprint is a great tool that allows you to customize multiple letterhead, brochures, cards and labels at once using merge and Synchronization. Get this great customization tool for free when you buy Geographics products.

Besides our top of the line Awards & Recognition Certificates, Holders and Seals, Geographics® offers an affordable line of School, Business and Social Stationery by Theme and Holiday.

Save valuable time and money! The do-it-yourself desktop paper concept is as old as the GeoPaper® concept of “from this” that shows a blank printed letterhead, “to this”, that shows a beautiful design paper like the one in the left image.

Buy Geographics Designer Stationery from the pioneer!
Combine and coordinate Design Paper and Letterhead with Envelopes, Cards and invitations, Note Books and other similar color or design accessories.

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