TheRoyalStore.com has been in business since 1998, as the manufacturer’s online store. We manufacture and distribute Geographics® Stationery and Certificate Paper Products, Royal Brites® Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board and Accessories, Royal Lace® Doilies and Paper Rolls.
Most of our products are Made in the USA.

NEW! We offer Print on Demand Products!. You can upload your artwork directly on this website in Stationery Collections or go to MyGeoPrint® and start customizing your desired product.


Print your own Award Certificates and Diplomas for school prizes, graduation, volunteers, business contests, Bible School and more with Geographics free customization.
Use Iclicknprint Design Center and its new Merge feature or choose Word Templates, Clip Art and Wording. Buy Certificates with Certificate Holders and Foil Seals and create memorable awards. Check out our Iclicknprint Merge Demo.
Recognize and reward with Geographics® Parchment, Bond and Foil Certificates, Certificate Holders and Foil Seals.

Geographics® Designer Stationery features business, social and holiday designs, matching products that you can use to create stationery ensembles.
Everyday and Holiday printable stationery such as letterhead paper, cards, invitations, envelopes, mailing labels and more, can be customized for free using  either iCLICKNPRINT DESIGN CENTER or Word Templates, Clip Art and Suggested Wording.
In Iclicknprint® you can use Data Merge and Synchronization for fast customization of of letterhead, brochures, cards and labels. Great time saver and professional customization for most Geographics® and Royal Brites® products.
For Royal Brites display board, we offer the unique layering technique called EX Poster Print. It is available for large Poster, Foam and Project Board formats.


Royal Lace® has been a leading brand for fine paper doilies and food service paper, since 1911. Our Quality lace design are unique, featuring intricate lace borders that remind us of old and rich 15th century French and Belgian laces one can now only see in museums.
Royal Lace®doilies are manufactured using the finest lace designs manually carved in steel dies. Royal Lace® Doilies, Shelf Liners and Banner Paper Rolls continue to be made in the USA after more than 100 years.

The Royal Lace® Doily engraver, at work from the 1963 New York Times article about Royal Lace®


Royal Brites Logo
Royal Brites Display Board Made in USA
Royal Brites Project Board
Royal Brites Foam Board

Best known for its patented Two Cool® Colors concept of a different color on each side, the Royal Brites poster board allows a multitude of applications from cards to signs, arts and crafts and school projects. Plus, it is a space-saver at retail. Our US manufactured, C2S – coated 2 sides, Royal Brites® poster board comes in vibrant neon colors and interesting primary colors. Our various sizes of poster board range from printable Sign Board, legal size 8.5″x14″ to larger sizes 11″x14″, 20″x30″ and 22″x28″.
We are providing a way to customize Royal Brites® Display Board in Iclicknprint Design Center, a free customization tool. Use our unique Layering technique called E-Z Poster Print and create a large project. you will be able to download a PDF file with all the pages needed for a full poster print.
After you print the PDF file, you can layer the pages onto your poster board, foam board or project board to create a great project, in no time or you can choose to clip letters or images and glue onto your board!
Royal Brites® Display Board category consists of Poster Board & Foam Board, Project Board, Sign Board and Poster Accessories.
Great for business, home, school and arts and crafts projects.
All Royal Brites® poster board is coated on 2 sides.
Unique features and benefits:

  • Graphic arts quality coating
  • Bright colors – great attention grabbers
  • UV protection – fade resistance
  • Water resistant – no bleeding or smudging when exposed to water;
  • The C2S special coating allows great contrast for pen, marker and paint

Use Royal Brites® products for Signs and Signage, School Projects, Arts and Crafts and more. Our products, the free customization tools we provide and creativity will deliver amazing results. Proudly Made in the USA!

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Royal Brites® Project Accessories

Poster Letters Numbers Royal Brites

Royal Brites® Poster and Project Accessories are a great addition to our Poster Board, Foam Board and Project Board products.
Use Royal Brites Poster Accessories to create projects that take little time and will stand out from the crowd. From glitter to holographic stock and neon colors, we have a great and diverse assortment.
Great for signs, school projects, Science Fair projects, arts and crafts projects and more.
Royal Brites Project Accessories are great for quality signs and presentations obtained with minimum effort.
As a Free alternative, we offer Iclicknprint E-Z Poster Print which allows you to print messages and signs, images and clip art on your printer paper.
You can glue them to your poster board, foam board or project board for a professional-looking result.


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