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Welcome to the world of Royal Brites!

Royal Brites® is made Made in the USA by one of the oldest coating companies, Mafcote Inc. and its affiliate, Royal Consumer Products, LLC>
Royal Brites® Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board, Project Accessories and Photo Paper are manufactured using  quality materials, the highest technology and patented processes.
Our products stand out from the crowd through quality and special features.
Special, proprietary coating is applied to both sides of our poster board and sign board
The C2S coating offers:

  • Water Resistance: the ink does not smudge
  • UV & Fade Resistance
  • Excellent Pen, Pencil, Ink, Marker & Paint Receptivity

ROYAL BRITES® TWO COOL ® COLORS POSTER BOARD is a Royal Brites® patented concept: a different color on each side.
Besides saving space at retail, our Two Cool Poster Board gives you two products in one.
It is a great product for school projects, card crafting and arts and crafts!Save space and money with Royal Brites® C2S Poster Board (coated two sides).
Made in the USA, our quality coated Poster Board comes in 12 Primary Colors and 5 Fluorescent Neon Colors.
Black, White and Gridboard, gridline Poster Board are the most commonly used display board materials.
Besides posting messages and creating school projects, Royal Brites 11pt, 12 pt. and 17 pt. thick poster board sheets are great for card crafting and arts and crafts projects.

ROYAL BRITES® TWO COOL® FOAM BOARD by Royal Brites is Made in the USA, in Louisville, KY.
Great for posters, signs and signage, foam board offers a sturdy but light support for the colorful poster board sheets.
Use Foam Board sheets to display images, photos, collages and more. Glue or pin poster board onto foam board or use it as is.

ROYAL BRITES® TWO COOL® PROJECT BOARD is great for Science Fair projects and presentations.
Used for School and Science Fair presentations, business and personal events, Royal Brites Project Board is a great presentation tool.
Create School tri-fold posters and presentation projects, Wedding place card pick-me up displays and more.

The free layering application you can customize large format posters.
Customize any Royal Brites poster board, project board, or foam board, for free.
No item number is required. Just choose the size of your poster and the orientation.
You will be prompted to select the printer paper size.
Iclicknprint calculates how many sheets you need if you print them portrait or landscape.
A PDF file will be ready for download when you click the Print button.
After you will print your project, you can layer the printed paper onto the poster surface.
Alternately, you can cut and glue text or images on the large size poster, foam or project board.
Iclicknprint offers a diverse choice of Clip Art!
You can also create large photo posters using Royal Brites Photo Paper.

Featured in the image is an 8.5″x14″ Neon Sign Board, layered on top of a 22″x28″ Neon Canary Poster Board sheet, bordered by stripes of neon pink Royal Brites poster board.

Royal Brites® Poster & Project Accessories

Royal Brites® Display Board Accessories include markers, borders, stencils, glitter and glue, letters, numbers and more. All you need for home and school to customize your project using poster board, foam board or project board. All the glitter and glam, combined!


Royal Brites® Inkjet & Laser Photo Paper

Our value photo paper works well with most major printers.
Glossy, Satin and Matte photo paper is great for photos and creative projects.
Some specialty inkjet paper includes Glow in the Dark paper that is inkjet printable and was created using a very special technology.
Find a variety of sizes, from 4″x6″ to 5″x7″ and 8.5″x11″.

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