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    Baking Cups, Standard Muffin, Gold Foil, 2.5", 45/PK, 24 Pks/Case

    Size: 2.5" dia.
    Weight: 40 gsm
    $59.00 - $78.66

    Christmas Petit Fours, 1", 50/PK

    Size: 1" dia.
    Weight: 40 gsm
    From: $1.99

    White Muffin Baking Cups 2.5", 50/PK

    Size: 2.5" dia.
    Weight: 40 gsm
    From: $1.49

    White Texas Muffin Baking Cups, 3.37"

    Size: 3.37" dia.
    Weight: 40 gsm
    From: $1.49

      Royal Lace Baking Cups, Muffin Cups, Nut Cups and Petit Fours come in different sizes and colors. Made in USA, our baking cups are great to use for muffins, cup cakes, chocolates, nuts and candies. Royal Lace offers baking cups in many sizes and colors.
      2.5" is the perfect size for muffins and cup cakes. Use 1-5/8" for mini muffin cups and 1.5" for petit fours and nut cups. Get elegant Royal Lace white, foil  and design baking cups for seasonal event
      Use Christmas baking cups, Halloween and Valentine baking cups, to surprize your family and friends.
      All our baking cups are made in USA by Royal Lace, a brand with a tradition of over 100 years!

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