Business Stationery

Customize Business Stationery Print your own Geographics® Business Stationery, Letterheads and Envelopes, Seals, Stickers and [...]

Poster Board for Easter Decorations

Easter is a perfect time for creative projects – either to explore your own creativity [...]

Bear Ornament

Materials Needed: 1 4” Royal Lace® Silver Medallion doily 1 ¾” Brown pom pom 2 [...]

Brochures in 5 Easy Steps

Just like your business cards, your company brochures are essential tools – they help build [...]

Customize with Free Certificate Templates

Free Geographics® Certificate Templates Did you know that free certificate templates can help you print [...]

What is Banner Paper Good For

Banner paper rolls make decorating a snap. Think about using them creatively for: Presentation and [...]

How to Design a Flyer

Learning how to design a flyer is a fun and fast activity.  There are a [...]

Paper Doilies for Party Decorations

Paper doilies have been used for centuries to accent party decorations and culinary dishes. You [...]

Spread Holiday Cheer with Photo Paper

Printing out pictures with inkjet photo paper is a great way to hold on to [...]

Foam Board Use

A foam board sheet has a great for a variety of functions, from school projects [...]

Awards, Stamps, Badges, Banners & Signage – CATALOG

How to Order Browse this catalog to find your item number and quantity. The catalog [...]

Victorian Greeting Card

Create a Victorian Greeting Card with Royal Lace Doilies Materials Needed: 1 Royal Lace® Placemat [...]

Book of Memories

Create a memory album for a child, relative or friend using Royal Lace Paper Doilies [...]

How to Paint Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs Waxing and Dying: The How-to Guide All you need, really, are patience [...]

The Independence Day Celebration

The Declaration of Independence Approved by the Continental Congress, on July 4, 1776, this unique [...]

Snacks for School – School Snack Ideas

Snack # 1 – Ants on a Log What you need: 2 celery sticks Paring [...]

Fan Ornament

Materials Needed: 1 Royal Lace® Medallion doilies Assorted small dried flowers. Assorted satin rose buds [...]

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Materials Needed: Royal Lace® Medallion doily 3” Circle red paper 4” triangle brown paper 2 [...]

Diaper Party Favor

Enclose tissue full of nuts or candy to make a perfect baby shower favor. Use [...]

Decorative Basket

This decorative basket filled with colorful tissue will make a perfect centerpiece. Or use it [...]

Victorian Party Favors

Impress your guests with elegant favors you made yourself. Use them as door decorations or [...]

Triangular Gift Package

Enclose a small wrapped cookie, gift or money. Or add a colorful ribbon to the [...]


Materials Needed: 1 12″ Royal Lace® medallion doily 1 6″ Royal Lace® white medallion doily-2 [...]

Fan Potpourri

Materials Needed: 1 Royal Lace® medallion doily – thickness of 2 nestled doilies work best [...]

Party Hat

Materials Needed: 1 Royal Lace® medallion doily Royal Lace® heart doily Curling ribbon and glue [...]

Vintage Christmas Angel Ornament

Materials Needed: 1 Heavy white drawing paper 1 White Royal Lace® Medallion doilies 1 gold [...]

Christmas Dove Decoration

Materials Needed: 8.5″ x 14″ piece of white poster board 1/4 yard of satin 1 [...]

Promote Your Business

Have you ever thought that using Printable Business Stationery to visually capture attention, make your [...]

Award Certificates Build Self-Esteem

One way of helping children build and grow self-esteem is to reward them for their [...]

Art Therapy Exercises

The positive impact art has on our physical and mental is now beyond any doubt. [...]

Happiness and Certificates

You may wonder if there is a connection between award certificates and happiness. We kicked-off [...]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Every year, more than 250,000 New Yorkers take over 5th Avenue for St. Patrick’s Day [...]

Honoring Powerful Women Artists

International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in the United States in 1909, [...]

Still Need Business Cards!

Though you may not have a large budget to spend on printable stationery, there are [...]

Valentine Surprise Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: Chocolate rum cake 2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted 1 teaspoon baking soda ¼ teaspoon [...]

February 14, Lovers’ Day

Whether you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or go the alternate [...]

Make Award Ribbons

Materials Needed: 18″ of 1 1/2″ wide Blue Grosgrain ribbon 1 Pin back 1 Canning [...]

Graduation Album Pages

Materials Needed: Photo Paper Acid free background paper Acid free die cuts to match the [...]

Create Christmas Cards

This holiday season, you can easily make your own Christmas cards using Geographics® Blank Cards: [...]

Print Graduation Party Invitations

Have you printed your Graduation® Party Invitations, yet? Graduation is fast approaching. All over the [...]

Personalize Award Certificates

Award Certificates such as Certificates of Participation or Achievement Certificates and Diplomas are fun and [...]

Customize Business Cards

Did you know that printing business cards from home is a great way to make [...]

Certificate Covers, Plaques, Frames & Awards

Elegant, color-coordinated Geographics® Awards & Recognition Certificates and Covers can make a great impression. Used [...]

Sports Award Certificates to Honor Students

If your family members, friends, or students deserve recognition for skill in sports, sports award [...]

Use Printable Blank Cards and Save for Any Event

Printable blank cards can be an asset when it comes to saving time and money [...]

Make Customized Certificates of Appreciation

Designing and printing your own certificates of appreciation as awards can make a lasting impression [...]

Printable Postcards as All-Purpose Stationery

Did you know that you can use printable postcards to make easy and inexpensive note [...]

Printable Certificates to Make Fun Gifts

Printable gift certificates are a personal and easy-to-make gift for someone close to you and [...]

Printable Cards for Any Occasions

One of the best ways to save money for any special occasion is to create [...]

Save with the Education Discount Program

Geographics announces a new Education Discount Program for all educational institutions.  All schools that subscribe [...]

Choose Materials for Custom Office Stationery

Taking the time to make your own office stationery will go far to make a [...]

Graduation Certificates to Celebrate Achievements

Custom graduation certificates make a fun and meaningful gift for adults and kids alike, and [...]

Scrapbook Paper: Choose the Right Materials

When it comes to making successful scrapbooks, having a wide selection of scrapbook paper and [...]

Printable School Certificates for Students

Giving a child a personalized school certificate is a meaningful way to show recognition for [...]

Use Printable Invitations to Personalize a Party

Using printable invitations to prepare for a special event is a worthwhile investment of your [...]

Royal Brites Paper to Print Quality Photos

The art of printing photos from home successfully involves several factors, but a major part [...]

Science Fair Board to Make a Project Display

Science fair projects are great opportunities for a child to use his or her creativity, [...]

Neon Paper for Signs and Flyers

If you need to make preparations for a professional or community event, neon paper can [...]


Buy Professional Photo Paper

Professional photo paper (also called Premium High Gloss, Advanced, Ultra, etc. depending on the brand) [...]

Use Photo Paper to Print your Photos

Printing your own photos from home using photo paper is simple, convenient and very cost-effective. [...]

Premium Photo Paper for Best Photo Quality

Whether you’re new to printing photos or you’re a photo paper whiz, you’ll be amazed [...]

Glossy Photo Paper for Printing Photos

What the difference is between glossy photo paper and all the other types of photo [...]

Inkjet Photo Paper Types and Benefits

If you enjoy the look and feel of traditionally developed photos but are eager to [...]

Letterhead with Business Stationery or Design Paper

If you’ve been curious about how to design a letterhead, then you’ll be happy to [...]

How to Design a Business Card

If you’re ever wondered about how to design a business card on your own, you’ll [...]

Thanksgiving Invitations with Printable Stationery

Creating your own Thanksgiving invitations is a fun project that can be accomplished many ways.  [...]

Free Card Making the Easy Way

For those interested in free card making, you’ll be glad to know that you can [...]

Design Paper Adds Pizzazz to Your Projects

Design paper is a versatile crafting material that can give an artistic feel to school, [...]

Print Christmas Stationery For the Holidays

Christmas is all about reaching out to your loved ones—whether you’re having a lavish Christmas [...]

Halloween Stationery for Autumn Festivities

Celebrating Halloween Holidays such as Halloween are times when you should reach out to friends [...]

DIY Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is often a stressful event with lots of financial concerns, but choosing [...]

Free Custom Stationery for Work and Home

While using custom stationery may seem old-fashioned in this day and age, sending a physical [...]

Create Cards to Customize Your Greetings

With technology being what it is these days, many people are intrigued to learn how [...]

Project Board for Successful Projects

Quality project board can really make the difference in your next project. If you’re looking [...]

Make a Certificate for School in Minutes!

Making a certificate for school, for example certificates of award, certificates of appreciation, reading certificates, [...]

Free Templates for Cards

Using free templates for cards is a new breakthrough in the process of at-home card-making. [...]

Personalize Stationery for Free

With the use of e-mails and the internet, personalized stationery seems to have taken a [...]

Foam Board for Display Projects

Foam board is usually the go-to material for people who are looking to make a [...]

Enjoy All the Potential of Poster Board

Maybe you think of poster board as something that can only be used for school [...]

Encourage and Reward with Printable Certificates

Printable certificates might not sound significant, but they can do a lot for your students [...]

Find the Right Poster Board from Royal Brites

The right poster board is the best investment any student can make at the beginning [...]

Celebrate with Design Paper from Geographics

Design paper is one of the most popular items at, and for a good [...]

Christmas Cheer with Festive Business Stationery

  Using business stationery throughout the year is a common everyday activity for most companies. [...]

Photo Paper for Holiday Cards

Consider when stocking up on inkjet photo paper as we begin nearing the big [...]

Print Certificates with Templates

Geographics is coming up with a full solution to the customers’ needs by creating an [...]

Create a Poster Board Project

How to Create a Project using Poster Board Poster Board is a convenient project and [...]

About Poster Board Thickness

In the U.S., Poster board, Cardstock and Cover Stock  thickness is usually measured in points [...]

What Is Halloween

As Halloween season nears again, do you ever stop to wonder why we set aside [...]

Craft Spring Flowers with Card Stock

Spring Flower Crafts Bring the colors of spring into your home with these easy crafts [...]

How to Craft a Pencil Pinwheel

You can use plain white paper and have children color with crayons or markers to [...]

Quotes about School & Education

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Sydney J. Harris There [...]

Craft a Fox Box with Card Stock & Stickers

Gather all the materials you need: Printed Paper : You will need 3 sheets of [...]

Craft a Summer Card from Card Stock

Foam stamps are available in a variety of shapes and themes at your local craft [...]

What are Poster Board Accessories

Make your message really stand out with these repositionable and reusable self-adhesive letters and shapes. [...]

Independence Day Project

Your kids can proudly display their patriotic spirit on Flag Day or Independence Day when [...]

Independence Day Recipes

Potato Salad This is a delicious potato salad for a summer meal or cookout. Baked [...]

Graduation Recipe & Celebrate with Doilies

Warm Pasta Salad When celebrating the Graduation, you’ll want plenty of great party foods for [...]

More about Independence Day

In 1777, thirteen gunshots were fired, once at morning and again  evening fell, on July [...]

Paper for Graduation Events

Graduation Facts A few facts about Graduation are necessary information that goes together with our [...]