3 Ways to Use Design Paper

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Man’s love affair with paper began more than 2, 000 years ago in China and we owe its invention to T’sai Lun (about 105AD). Understandably, he soon became the god of papermakers.

The history of writing goes back to Ancient Egypt. Even the word “paper” comes from papyrus, a plant that was abundant in Egypt and used to produce a thick, paper-like material used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Another predecessor of paper was “tapa”, a kind of cloth born in the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and from the inner bark of fig, daphne and mulberry trees.

Today, we see and use paper for both practical and artistic purposes. From storing and filing data to wrapping our food or packages to creating art, at TheRoyalStore.com, our love of paper is at the heart of everything we do. One of our favorite products is our wide and varied selection of Design Paper. We love Design Paper as it brings together two elements we value – practical use and beauty.

How to use and enjoy Design Paper:

  • Letter writing:  Although considered a bit of a dying art, many of us still enjoy putting pen to paper and adding a more personal touch to communicating with people we care about. Think about it, in a world where digital has become the norm, don’t you feel special when someone sends a letter? They thought about you while choosing a paper style and envelope. They’ve added a personal hand message instead of using a computer. Not to mention love letters…
  • Thicker than normal paper, versatile and already containing décor elements, Design Paper is perfect for scrapbooking. It can serve as a base for gluing, stitching your favorite photos or magazine cutouts or you can use it to draw or paint on it. Our Floral and Nature Printable Design Paper features both delicate and colorful designs. Here are 17 Great Scrapbook Ideas and Albums to get you started.
  • Creative Writing or Arts and Crafts projects: Both at home and in the classroom, children love hands-on creative projects. Use School Printable Design Paper as a base for children to practice poem or essay writing or to paint or draw. Your students or children will love the creative design and it will help inspire them. They can also use Design Paper to replicate their favorite paper project.

To make the best out of your projects, you can further customize products purchased at TheRoyalStore.com – use Free Templates, Clipart &Wording section on the website or at iClicknPrint Design Center. This is a free tool offering a great selection of design options such as fonts, colors, clip art, shapes, templates, suggested wording and many more.

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