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Personalized achievement certificates can have great positive impact on your students, colleagues, or loved ones who deserve a little recognition. With just your printer and Iclicknprint, you can create simple or sophisticated certificates.
Customizing your own certificates is cost-effective, fast and, above all, a highly personal way of showing that you care!

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All certificates of achievement and recognition start with printable certificate paper.  You can find certificates in many designs, colors, and sizes both in stores and on the web.
The advantage of buying in-store is that you can see and feel your certificates, which will help you determine the best method of going about your award design.
Geographics offers a wide selection of printable certificates that can be purchased and customized for free, online. Traditional Geographics certificates are printed on parchment paper, The design is a fine filigree border in colors such as blue, burgundy, green, foil gold and silver and other foil colors.
Non-parchment certificates are available in a a wide range of designs with various themes for kids, school, etc…
The most common Geographics certificate size is standard 8.5”x11” letter size, but you may also come across smaller 2-UP and 3-UP certificates that feature two and three certificates per page.

Once you have chosen your printable certificates, you can start customizing it for free with

  1. Word Certificate templates, clip art and wording or
  2. Iclicknprint Design Center – a specialized application that helps you design your own certificates, for free!
    Standard 8.5”x11” certificates can be designed quickly and simply using your word processing program of choice.  All you need to do is set your page orientation (traditionally, certificates are oriented Landscape) and adjust your margins so you will type within the borders of your printable certificates.  From there, you can customize your award in the desired fonts and sizes and also add any digital embellishments, such as clip art or a logo for your school or company.

Templates and design software can be helpful tools if you want to make a detailed achievement certificate. WATCH A DEMO
As Templates come in many forms, you can download free word templates for certificates, diplomas and awards by entering the item number.
Using a template will provide guidelines for designing and printing your certificates correctly, and they may also feature certificate wording.  Design software for certificates ranges greatly in both price and function, but often includes creative tools that you cannot apply easily to templates.

IClickn’Print Design Center, a web-based design program offered for free to TheRoyalStore customers, includes hundreds of adjustable pre-made templates and design options that you can use to make certificates, diplomas and award of all kinds, in minutes.

Making customized achievement certificates for your peers will make both you and your award recipients feel proud.  DIY and save!

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