Award Certificates for Employees

award certificates employees

Do you think that Award Certificates and Recognition Diplomas can motivate employees? Is it possible that they may feel more appreciated and valued if they were awarded such a thing? Would a recognition certificate or diploma make them more loyal and motivated?
Leaders understand that money has limited power to motivate. It is true that paying people enough to get their minds off of the financial aspect will allow them to better focus on the work. That may not be enough if your aim is to motivate them to always give their best.

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In his best-seller “Drive”, business thinker and author Daniel Pink talks about 3 intrinsic motivators. These lead to high performance and personal satisfaction in the workplace: autonomy, mastery and purpose. So how, you may ask, do you go about creating such an environment using something as simple as an Award Certificate? Below are a few suggestions you can use with your team or company.

Award Certificates and AUTONOMY

This refers to people’s desire to be self-directed and translates into having the opportunity to have some control over things like time, technique, team and task. Respond by introduce flexible time, allow people to choose their own method to solve a problem or get a task done, etc. Whenever they do this successfully, you need to recognize the effort and reinforce the skill. This will help to also inspire others. Create an “Innovative Problem Solver” Award and offer it monthly. To keep things simple, fast and inexpensive, start with Printable Certificate Templates. You can fill the certificates, in quickly and print them using your office printer. Download templates from Awards Wording by Theme –, open them in Microsoft Word, customize and and print them in a snap.

Award Certificates and MASTERY

People love to feel they are improving, learning and getting better at things that matter to them. For managers, the trick is finding the perfect balance between overchallenging tasks that can lead to feeling overwhelmed or inadequate and tasks that are too simple or boring. You can build a culture of learning and growing within your team by creating “Goldilocks Tasks”, as Pink calls them. To reinforce the habit, regularly recognize those who take on learning challenges with a “Never Too Old to Learn” Award. You can give out the awards during informal team outings or as part of formal meetings. To fit the occasion, choose a classic certificate such as the Geographics Diplomat Award Certificate or use a less formal one with a modern design like Geographics Black and White Words Award Certificate. You have a good certificate design variety to choose from.

Award Certificates and PURPOSE

This involves an alignment between personal goals and values and those of the team or company. For employees to feel that their efforts have a purpose and that they are contributing, make sure they know and understand the mission and goals of the organization. Naturally, they can’t align to something they don’t understand. Communicate values and goals by organizing competitions or challenges focusing on company culture. Give out prizes in the form of award  printable certificates. Present them in elegant Geographics Document Covers or Document Frames or in  our special In Appreciation Award Presentation Folder that look great on desks or office walls.

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For free customization of Geographics certificates, use IClicknPrint, a free Geographics stationery and Royal Brites paper and foam board customization software. IClicknPrint lets you create a certificate template from scratch or work on a ready-made template. You can also use Word Templates for certificates and diploma or awards that come with suggested wording options to help you get things done faster. Customize fonts, color and easily insert free clip art or your own images into your template with a few clicks. Edit and print up to ten Award Certificates, simultaneously to personalize in bulk and save time. Award Certificates May Keep Employees Motivated Just check, find out and let us know if that works.

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