Award Your Loved Ones

Award your loved ones with Optima Gold Award Certificates with Foil Seals

How to Use Optima Gold Award Certificates with Foil Seals:


  1. Go to ICLICKNPRINT DESIGN CENTER – in the search bar at the top, enter the item number of the certificate or search by name  and select your product.
  2. Open it and select a template from the left menu -Templates- Awards & Recognition.
  3. Make any changes you need or start from scratch.
    Use “merge data” to customize up to 25 certificates in one project.
  4. Customize the foil seal. Play with fonts and styling.
  5. Saver and print your project.
  6. Stick the seals on each certificate and spread your happy thoughts!



– Optima Gold Award Certificates with Gold Foil Seals | 8.5″x11″

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