Basket Bouquet Christmas Decoration


Royal Lace® Doily Crafts – Christmas Decorations

Craft your Own Basket Bouquet for Your Christmas Tree

Some materials are available at TheRoyalStore

Materials Needed:

• 1 Pack of Royal Lace® 4″ White Medallion Doilies
• Assorted. small dried flowers.
• Assorted. satin rose buds
• 3” circle red paper board or Royal Brites® Red Sign Board
• Red, silver or gold ribbon for attaching the Christmas basket in the tree
• Ribbon for bows.


  1. Line one or more Royal Lace 4″ Medallion doilies with a 3″ circle of red paper.
  2. Fold both in half and glue small bunches or dried flowers to inside of folded shape, letting buds extend around edges. Seal with small dab of glue.
  3. Thread and loop 1/8” satin ribbon around half circle shape and glue in back.
  4. Arrange and glue satin flowers and leaves to front of bouquet basket.

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