Be Creative with Royal Lace Paper Doilies

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… and turn any special occasion into a memorable one!

It’s a special kind of feeling when, after you’ve planned and worked hard to put together a special evening for friends and family, you take a minute to notice everyone enjoying what you have created. But it doesn’t always to be hard work – sometimes all you need is a few elegant Paper Doilies. Only Royal Lace makes the unique Medallion Lace Doilies design…a beautiful, exciting doily that you can enjoy for mere pennies.

Here are two ways to use them for your next party:

Present guests with little party favors

Doilies were originally made from real lace but now we can enjoy them in the paper form also. Blue or Silver Paper Doilies make unexpected wrappers for favors. Place a miniature chocolate bar or other treat in the center of a round doily and fold its sides in. Thread ribbon through both sides (make slits with a utility knife firs if necessary), pull to center it and hold it in place with a sticker inscribed with a message of monogram. Fold the top and bottom of the doily over and secure with double-sided tape. Bring the ribbon end around, trim them so that they just overlap and glue ends together. Next, lay a 1 ½ inch piece of ribbon flat, bring the end in to overlap the center and glue this flat bow to the favor.

Resources Theroyalstore

Create beauty from things that might initially appear commonplace – like a plain paper bag

When decorated simply and then illuminated by a tiny votive candle, it casts a glow that will enchant your guests. The paper bags for these lanterns, known as luminaries, can be as basic as the familiar brown lunch bags. They can also be white, pastel, or jewel-toned, tall and narrow, or short and wide. All that before you even get started. Paper bags are easy to embellish: fold them, string them with ribbon, monogram them. Then open them and set votive holders and candles inside. Be sure that holders are made of heavy to help steady the bags; for outdoor displays, add about one inch of white sand to the bags first to weight them. The below intricate designs shining through the ivory sacks are courtesy of Gold Paper Doilies glued inside.

Luminaries present myriad decorating possibilities for all sort of special occasions – from wedding ceremonies and receptions to beach parties or romantic dinners. For weddings, use several together to line the isle, create a centerpiece, or light a path or staircase. You can also personalize individual bags to make place cards or table numbers. Placing luminaries on an outdoor staircase is another option. One way you won’t use them, however, is as guest’s favors – after all, there are those little flames inside that make them light up at night.

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