Give Your Non-Profit a Boost with Custom Invitations

Small, local non-profit organizations don’t have money to spare—but when it comes to fundraising, they need to pull out all the stops. Drawing the community into a benefit event such as a gala, dance, or dinner pays off in increased visibility, and should end up bringing more money in.
Here, it’s vital to make a strong first impression. You’ll need eye-catching invitations, ones that portray your organization as professional, capable, and one that people would want to support.

Does that mean you have to spend your closely rationed funds on commercial printing? Not necessarily.
Using free, online Design Tools such as iClicknprint, you can create custom invitations and print them on a standard printer.
With iClicknprint, you can create different styles of cards, such as single-page invitations or fold-over panel cards.
If you have a large quantity to print, perforated paper is available that allows for two to a page. Your only costs: the paper and ink.

Design is a breeze. Choose from a wide selection of backgrounds, with borders in different styles and colors. Once you’ve selected a background, it’s a simple matter to add text to your card. Start with suggested wording from iClicknprint or write your own invitations. Size, color, and font are all customizable. Once you’ve decided on the text, hover the cursor over the different fonts or colors to preview your card instantaneously with each one. Include shapes, lines, or clip-art appropriate to your organization to embellish your cards. Once you’re done, it’s easy to save your work as a template for future events or to add more details. If you wish, personalize the invitations with recipients’ names, personal messages, or other alterations to your template. You can even place a design on the back of the cards, such as your non-profit’s logo. All that’s left to do is print.

The results are fully customized invitations that look great. But perhaps most important, they aren’t just a pretty face for your organization. Staying smart about spending on small items such as printing costs frees up funds for the true purpose of your non-profit, whether that’s the environment, local families in need, or any other cause
Try custom printing cards and invitations

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