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Professional photo paper (also called Premium High Gloss, Advanced, Ultra, etc. depending on the brand) is the best choice on the market if you want to print exceptional photos. As one can infer from its name, professional photo paper is designed to produce photos that look professionally developed right from your printer at home. For photographers who digitally edit their photos, professional photo paper is an essential material because the paper itself is optimized to produce fantastic color reproduction and sharp, realistic details. Professional photo paper is constructed using super heavyweight paper and finished with a brilliant gloss that will both show off and protect your photos. An expert in the paper industry, offers a wide range of both casual and professional quality photo paper suitable for a variety of printers.

There are different kinds of photo paper each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Most professional photo papers will offer the best features that a photo paper can have, all in one sheet. The bright white color of the paper helps to produce vivid, high resolution images that will last for years to come. Using professional photo paper ensures archival quality photos since most such papers are ozone-gas resistant. This means that your photos will resist fading and natural deterioration from the air over time.

Using a higher end photo paper also offers convenience—professional photo paper typically means it is quick drying, that it will work well with both dye and pigmented inks, and that it can even be used in different types of printers. Such is the Royal Brites® Professional Combo Print Photo Paper, an exceptional paper that can be printed with both inkjet and laser printers. Using Royal Brites® Professional High Gloss Photo Paper is a good option if you’d like to print using a photo paper made in USA. It is a great choice if you’re using it in a variety of projects that require professional quality, but it will also come in handy on short notice for other photo projects. This professional paper is available in both 8.5”x11” and 4”x6”.

Printing photos on photo paper is a fun and easy activity when it comes to printing photos for framing, printing your own photo albums, school projects, arts and crafts and much more. Whether you practice photography as a hobby or a profession, printing on professional photo paper will provide you or your clients with classy, memorable photos.

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