Valentine Cards on Royal Brites Sign Board

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Create Valentine Cards for Cents! Who would believe all these 4 cards (4.25″x7″) can cost only $ 0.60 + your printer’s ink and time? We created the template for you. All you need is to buy the printable Sign Board and go to Iclicknprint to customize it. You can create new art using Clip Art […]

Valentine’s Day Card

valentine's day bug theroyalstore

Craft your own Valentine’s Day Card! For bee card, glue on a chenille bee. Adhere the paper doily to card stock, then cut out following outline. Accent a Giant Bear with a Sparkle Bow, then adhere to card. Add Cinnamon Hearts, then glue a candy heart to paw…

Make Your Valentine Feel Special!

Heart Gold Foil Royal Lace Paper Doilies TheRoyalstore

Valentine’s Day has been around for more than three centuries now and, every year, we all pretty much know what to expect or hope for – heaps of heart shaped chocolate boxes, armfuls of roses, stacks of greeting cards, all swimming in…

How to Make Valentine’s Greetings

Make Valentine Greeting TheRoyalStore

Fold the doily in half and position fold at bottom. Bring left & right ends together in center front of doily so that folds meed in center. This forms a triangle with a rounded top, point at bottom. Taking folded points, fold them down to create flaps…