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Learn how to create your Awards & Recognition with Geographics

Customize with Free Certificate Templates

Free Geographics® Certificate Templates Did you know that free certificate templates can help you print [...]

Award Certificates Build Self-Esteem

One way of helping children build and grow self-esteem is to reward them for their [...]

Happiness and Certificates

You may wonder if there is a connection between award certificates and happiness. We kicked-off [...]

Honoring Powerful Women Artists

International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in the United States in 1909, [...]

Graduation Album Pages

Materials Needed: Photo Paper Acid free background paper Acid free die cuts to match the [...]

Personalize Award Certificates

Award Certificates such as Certificates of Participation or Achievement Certificates and Diplomas are fun and [...]

Certificate Covers, Plaques, Frames & Awards

Elegant, color-coordinated Geographics® Awards & Recognition Certificates and Covers can make a great impression. Used [...]

Sports Award Certificates to Honor Students

If your family members, friends, or students deserve recognition for skill in sports, sports award [...]

Make Customized Certificates of Appreciation

Designing and printing your own certificates of appreciation as awards can make a lasting impression [...]

Printable Certificates to Make Fun Gifts

Printable gift certificates are a personal and easy-to-make gift for someone close to you and [...]

Graduation Certificates to Celebrate Achievements

Custom graduation certificates make a fun and meaningful gift for adults and kids alike, and [...]

Printable School Certificates for Students

Giving a child a personalized school certificate is a meaningful way to show recognition for [...]

Make a Certificate for School in Minutes!

Making a certificate for school, for example certificates of award, certificates of appreciation, reading certificates, [...]

Encourage and Reward with Printable Certificates

Printable certificates might not sound significant, but they can do a lot for your students [...]

Print Certificates with Templates

Geographics is coming up with a full solution to the customers’ needs by creating an [...]

Quotes about School & Education

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Sydney J. Harris There [...]

Master Certificates with IClicknPrint Merge

Got a foot-tall stack of certificates to print? Forget typing names and accomplishments onto each [...]

Custom Awards, Certificates Show Appreciation

Show your students, athletes or employees appreciation with custom awards and certificates. Custom designed awards [...]

Recognize Your Employees With iClickn’Print Certificates

Do you have wonderful employees that always go the extra mile?  Of course you do!  [...]

iClicknPrint and Graduation Certificates

Reward somebody today! Milestones are so important, and as we all know, the time with [...]

iClicknPrint Graduation Announcements

For the past 18 years, you have worked hard to raise your child to be [...]

Graphic Design Essentials

Our mission at iClicknPrint is to help you customize printable stationary (Geographics Certificates, Envelopes, Business [...]

Appreciation Certificates

Whether you prefer handing out appreciation Award Certificates or keeping a gratitude journal, counting your [...]

Award Certificates

Create award certificates for your business or school with Geographics outstanding, high quality printable certificate [...]

Certificate Holders for Awards

Certificate holders protect your documents and give them an elegant look. Use the die-cut slots [...]

Award Your Loved Ones

Go to and select your product. Choose from the Templates and Suggested Wording. Make [...]

Create Certificates of Appreciation

If you’re looking to bring attention to the accomplishments of colleagues, pupils, friends, or family [...]

Award Certificates for Employees

Do you think that Award Certificates and Recognition Diplomas can motivate employees? Is it possible [...]

Achievement Certificates and Awards

Personalized achievement certificates can have great positive impact on your students, colleagues, or loved ones [...]

Create Gifts with Printable Certificates

Did you know that you can use printable gift certificates to design and print fun, [...]

Personalized School Certificates

In the classroom, awards such as handmade school certificates can go far to encourage children [...]

Create Certificates of Appreciation

If you’re looking to bring attention to the accomplishments of colleagues, pupils, friends, or family [...]

Types of Printable Certificates

Making a certificate for an employee, volunteer, or student using printable certificates is an excellent [...]

Certificates as a Meaningful Gift

If a family member, friend, pupil, or colleague in your life deserves to be celebrated, [...]