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Brochures in 5 Easy Steps

Just like your business cards, your company brochures are essential tools – they help build [...]

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Promote Your Business

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Art Therapy Exercises

The positive impact art has on our physical and mental is now beyond any doubt. [...]

Graduation Album Pages

Materials Needed: Photo Paper Acid free background paper Acid free die cuts to match the [...]

Print Graduation Party Invitations

Have you printed your Graduation® Party Invitations, yet? Graduation is fast approaching. All over the [...]

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Letterhead with Business Stationery or Design Paper

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Free Card Making the Easy Way

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Design Paper Adds Pizzazz to Your Projects

Design paper is a versatile crafting material that can give an artistic feel to school, [...]

DIY Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is often a stressful event with lots of financial concerns, but choosing [...]

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Free Templates for Cards

Using free templates for cards is a new breakthrough in the process of at-home card-making. [...]

Personalize Stationery for Free

With the use of e-mails and the internet, personalized stationery seems to have taken a [...]

Celebrate with Design Paper from Geographics

Design paper is one of the most popular items at, and for a good [...]

Paper for Graduation Events

Graduation Facts A few facts about Graduation are necessary information that goes together with our [...]

Print Eye-Catching Valentines for the Classroom

Not every child in grade school has a suitor or a sweetheart, but for Valentine’s [...]

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Fonts for Business Cards

5 Tips to help you choose great fonts for your business cards. You have the [...]

Custom Awards, Certificates Show Appreciation

Show your students, athletes or employees appreciation with custom awards and certificates. Custom designed awards [...]

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The Successful Resume

Today’s job market is competitive. If you’re searching for a new career, you need to [...]

Small Business DIY Perfect Business Cards with iClicknPrint

We live in the age of technology, of that we can be sure. But that [...]

DIY Graduation Cards & Invitations

Geographics printable graduation stationery is great for DIY Graduation Cards & Invitations. Save money and [...]

Lace Doily Envelope

Place doily face down on a flat surface. Cut a 4-1/2” square from cardboard and [...]

3 Ways to Use Design Paper

Man’s love affair with paper began more than 2, 000 years ago in China and [...]

Make Your Valentine Feel Special!

Valentine’s Day has been around for more than three centuries now and, every year, we [...]

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