Create Custom Company Business Cards to Personalize your Business

Printable Company Business Cards TheRoyalStoreDeciding how to create company business cards is an important consideration when you are starting a business because different designs can give your contacts different impressions of your company.  While splurging on cards may seem like it will pay off, the truth is that you don’t have to empty your wallet to make memorable and professional-looking business cards.  Instead of ordering cards, using printable business cards to make your own cards will let you add a personal element to your business cards while saving you money.

When making your own company business cards, you’ll first want to look for a set of printable business cards that will fit the feel of your company.  Unless you are creating seasonal or special occasion business cards, it may be best to go with a clean, simple design.  In general, this is also recommended when designing other types of office stationery like business letterhead because the focus should be on the information your document is providing.  Some different types of printable business cards include design business cards, embossed business cards, foil business cards, and blank business cards.  Printable business cards can also come in a matte or glossy finish.  Prior to purchasing printable business cards make sure that they will work with the type of printer you have at home.  Some types may work better with an inkjet printer than a laser printer, or vice versa.

Ordering company business cards can be a costly service, but you can easily use online resources to inexpensively make personalized business cards for your company.  Free business card templates are an excellent tool because they feature guidelines to help you design and print your cards.  Stationery design programs are an alternative option.  For example, the online design program iClickn’Print offers a variety of artistic features to provide an in-depth and hands-on experience designing your cards.  Features include a text editor with a wide selection of fonts and colors, a shape and lines creator, complimentary clip art, and a tool to upload your own photos or other content.  With a bit of searching, you can find many online options to help you craft your cards.  To protect your computer as well as your information, be sure that any template or program you download is from a secure and reputable source, such as a professional stationery retailer.

Making business cards for your company will help you make a personal impression on your business contacts without spending a lot of money.  With a bit of creativity, you can use printable business cards to convey your company’s goals in a personal and attractive way.

What is Letterhead?

Business Letterhead TheRoyalStoreIf you’re interested in making your own business stationery, chances are you’ve wondered, “what is letterhead?”  Business letterhead is a type of office stationery specifically designed to be used for a business letter or a professional document such as a memo.  Letterhead comes in all different colors, patterns and designs, so when choosing a letterhead it is important to consider what sort of impression you want to send your clients or business associates.

When shopping for business letterhead, you’re bound to find many choices in letterhead style.  There are simple letterhead designs, colorful letterheads, letterheads that have nature or holiday themes and so forth.  Each type of letterhead can send a distinct impression to your document’s recipient; for example, a document printed on letterhead with a simple geometric design gives off a professional, organized vibe.  Such letterhead designs serve very well for legal documents, meeting schedules, etc.  On the other hand, letterheads with a floral, patriotic, or cloud designs are great choices for casual letters, such as an announcement for a company barbecue.

Designing and printing custom letterhead for yourself or your company is a snap; all you need is a word processing program.  Within a few minutes, you can easily create a letterhead template that is personalized with your company contact information; in doing so, you’ll always have a template to use again and again in the future.  A good first step is to insert your company logo; you can orient it however you wish, but keeping it at the top of the page is a good idea because it looks professional and will immediately familiarize your reader with your company.  Once you’ve determined the position of your logo, you can be very creative with your letterhead format.  For example, you can organize your contact information in the header of your document or put it in the footer; the choice is entirely up to you, but make sure to leave enough space for important contact details such as your name and title, address, phone and fax number and email address.  The body of your letter should be formatted simply so it can be easily read; in most cases, the date of the letter is oriented to the right, your salutation and letter content to the left, and your closing statement to the right.

Learning how to create and print your own letterhead is a worthwhile activity because it will save you time and money in the long run.  Use printable letterhead and do-it-yourself!

Where to Make Business Cards Using Online Resources

Make Business Cards Online

In Click n’ Print, you can use many features to make professional-looking business cards.

If you’re stumped on where to make business cards for your company, did you know that you can easily make great quality ones right from home?  Making custom cards using a free template or design program will save you money and let you personalize your cards for your company.  Ordering business cards can take time and be expensive—by creating them yourself you can fine tune the details to make the cards that fit your business perfectly.

Knowing where to make business cards online really starts with finding a retailer that sells the printable business cards that match your company. offers a great selection of blank, embossed, foil and designer varieties.  Look for those that are heavyweight and premium quality so they will stand up to the everyday handling that your cards will undergo.  Since you’ll be printing them yourself, make sure that the ones you choose are compatible with your home or office printer.  Generally speaking, business cards that have a glossy finish or are optimized for photo printing may be better suited for inkjet printers than laser printers.  For products, simply check the product summary before you buy to determine what will work with your printer.

Many people have trouble deciding where to make business cards because there are so many printing services that offer to get the job done the best.  In reality, there are also lots of free services out there that can help you create professional stationery. features free business card templates which open in Microsoft Word for easy editing.  However, using a card design program will most often offer a more customization options.’s online card maker Click n’ Print is a great example of such a program.  Click n’ Print lets you create business cards quickly and easily using a pre-made template—this layout is composed of 10 boxes that visually represent the 10 cards on your sheet.  Within these boxes, you can write and edit text, alter the text position, insert clip art or a company logo and much more.  Using the handy “Synchronize” all feature allows you to apply your design to every card i your template without having to copy and paste it.  In Click n’ Print, you can work on up to 10 individual pages at once—this is a great feature if you want to create business cards for multiple employees!  Once you are ready to print, you can save your template to edit or access it again in the future.

Making your own business cards is convenient, fulfilling, and fun!  With only some printable cards and a template to help you design, you’ll be able to make fantastic cards that personally represent your company. offers many great options in business stationery—get a free shipping and a free gift of 250 blank business cards on orders over $75!

Make Your Own Tri-Fold Brochures to Personalize Your Business Events

Tri-fold Brochures in Click n' Print

You can easily make an original tri-fold brochure in Click n’ Print using a blank or ready-made template.

When it comes to business or community events, ordering tri-fold brochures can be costly and time-consuming.  Did you know that you can easily create your own brochures right from your desk with some quality brochure paper and a brochure template? offers the finest office stationery and photo paper so you can create a brochure that will satisfy your clients.

A large part of making great tri-fold brochures is choosing the proper paper.  Brochures are meant to be touched and held, so utilizing the best brochure paper you can find will really make a difference in impressing your audience. features a wide variety of brochure paper including satin finish brochure paper (which resists fingerprints and liquid), designer brochure paper, and themed brochure paper.  Using paper that makes your brochures look attractive will go far to draw people to your cause.

Since tri-fold brochures are usually printed in mass quantities, designing your own brochure may seem like a daunting task.  However, having the ability to work on your brochure yourself will ensure that it comes out exactly how you want it.  The best part is if you’re having second thoughts about your layout you can make any changes you want along the way.  All free templates from come with simple instructions and open in Microsoft Word, so you can use all of your favorite Word features to customize for your brochure.  Just make sure to orient your page in the landscape style so your brochure will print out correctly.

If you enjoy working with design software, consider trying Click n’ Print to create your tri-fold brochures in an easy-to-use interface.  Click n’ Print is a free online design program offered by  It features an assortment of creative tools so you can make a unique brochure template of your own without having to worry about the technical details.  The best part is once you create a free account you can save your templates online and access them later so you can print out more brochures when you need them!

With the right paper and materials, your tri-fold brochures will look professionally printed and your business will shine in the eyes of your clients.  Check out today to find a huge selection of printable office stationery!