Royal Lace Paper Doilies for Elegant Table Décor

Royal Lace Paper Doilies can easily turn a dull table setting into a spectacular, elegant table décor. Use larger doilies such as the 12’’ or 10’’ White Normandy Lace Doilies under plates to dress up your dinnerware. Also, match them with smaller size, 4″ lace paper doilies with the same pattern and use them as coasters under stemware and between cups or saucers. When shopping online at the, you can choose from several sizes, styles and colors of doilies and placemats – starting from 4’’ to 18’’ in diameter, in elegant styles like French Style Doilies, Medallion Lace Paper Doilies or Normandy Lace Doilies. They also come in assorted colors and shapes – white, gold, silver and red, round, heart shaped and shamrock.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Place lace paper doilies between plates

One use that is very practical is placing lace doilies between plates that you want to store so that you can prevent scratches. Just take a cake of doilies (there are three or 4 doilies in a cake, detach them carefully, on top of a surface that can be easily cleaned -there are small paper chips falling out in the process- which is unavoidable. Place each doilie between two plates and cover the top plate with a doilie as well.


All Royal Lace Paper Doilies and Placemats come in exceptional lace patterns – classy and elegant but also modern and versatile to be a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary surroundings. Craftsmen who recreated royal lace patterns by hand imprinting them on metal dies have left behind their artistry in an unimitable way. That is why the designs for our lace doilies and placemats are unique. The names of the Royal lace designs usually denote the pattern’s lace origin or style such as Bobbin Lace, French Lace, Normandy Lace, Medallion Lace, etc. Use doilies that have been made in the USA since 1920’s. They are uniquely Royal!

Breakfast treats with Lace Paper Doilies

Doilies also look great lining bread baskets and on platters under finger foods, pastries and cakes. For a breakfast table setting Use Royal Lace Doilies to add zing to a fruit platter, frame those tempting croissants, and bring decorative delight to your table. Wrap each fruit with an elegant doily and entice your guests with a wide selection of colors and kinds of fruit. Be sure to add exotics, like kiwi, pineapple or star fruit. Place full, luscious strawberries, apples, grapes or citrus fruit, nestle them in a beautiful 6″ or 8’’ Medallion Lace White Doilies  or Gold and Silver Foil Doilies, as festive holders.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Make friends feel special – an elegant brunch with Paper Doilies

Bring the charm and hospitality of a fine inn into your own home. Lavish everyone with a sumptuous menu: eggs Benedict, French toast, croissants and delicious pastries with tempting toppings and a pitcher of fruit frappes or special fruit-blended healthy cocktails. Scones, muffins and a variety of fruitbreads should abound in a round or square (Basket doilies) doily-lined basket. Be sure to adorn each plate with fresh fruit in season. Use Royal Lace French placemats and make special, doily adorned place cards to seat each guest. Use your best dinnerware and have an elegant floral bouquet prepared with Medallion or French lace doily accents.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Whether the finishing touch to an attractive table setting, special food presentations or fun craft ideas, Royal Lace Doilies are the perfect way to bring it all together.

Find more ideas on how to use Royal Lace Doilies in our free downloadable brochure, The Creative Doilie

Creative and Fun Ways to Use Royal Lace Paper Doilies




Spring is in the air or at least on our minds and with the blue skies and sunny days comes a fresh wave of playful energy. To put that energy to good use, here are a few project ideas that you could easily put together with just a few Royal Lace Paper Doilies

Welcome in the new season by inviting family or friends over for a nice dinner or a relaxed brunch. For an elegant touch, place Medallion white paper doilies under your hors d’oeuvre platters if you plan on turning the occasion into a cocktail party. At dinner, place paper doilies under the appetizer and dessert dishes. Fresh salads and colorful vegetable based dishes go well with a spring inspired dinner party.


An easy cake decoration: after the cake has cooled, place a Medallion paper doily on top. Then sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa powder over it. Remove the doily, being careful not to disturb the lovely design left on the cake. For an added touch, place a Normandy Lace Paper Doily under the cake before serving. To keep up with the theme, serve a carrot or fruit cake drizzled with a light and refreshing lemon icing. 


Party decoration: make a parasol for your spring party. Cut circles of crepe paper a bit smaller than the paper doilies. The 4’’ French Lace Doilies from would work wonderfully. Curve one end of a straw or pipe cleaner to form an umbrella handle. Insert the other end through the center of the doily and crepe paper and tie the thread. Trim top and handle with ribbon bows and streamers. Choose bright, natural colors like green, yellow and red.

Gift wrap: design your own! Perfect for occasions like bridal or baby showers but also a great way to surprise a loved one with a spring inspired gift like a colorful scarf or a practical book on how to plant spring flowers. Choose a simple arrangement using the medallion doilies as pictured below or overlap and glue down the centers for a ruffled effect. Royal Lace Heart Doilies are also perfect accents for gifts. Use them on top of the wrapping paper or scotch-tape them under a transparent foil for a  great-looking gift.

On a more practical level, you can use paper doilies as china protectors to prevent chipping and scratching of fine china. Insert a doily, about the same size as plate, between each plate and stack them in the cabinet. We recommend using  8’’ or 10” paper doilies for dinner plates, 8” or 6’’ doilies for luncheon salad plates and cups. 5’’ Rose Embossed paper doilies for butter plates and 4’’ Medallion, French or Normandy doilies for saucers.

Use your imagination and have fun ushering in the new season.