Get your Camera and Matte Photo Paper Ready for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are a big deal in Ireland but also in major US cities like New York or Chicago. Irish or not, millions of people attend the parades or join the fun by wearing green, dressing up like leprechauns or enjoying a few pints of beer at the local pub.

The joyous atmosphere becomes impossible to resist and offers professional and amateur photographers alike a great photo shoot opportunity. For an extra bit of fun, you can quickly turn the occasion into an almost instant photo exhibition to show off to friends and family. All you need is your camera or smart phone, good quality photo paper and a printer.

For a combination of output quality, versatility and affordability we highly recommend the Royal Brites matte photo paper – a heavyweight quality paper with photo coating on both sides which makes it great for laser and inkjet printing. Laser prints will look satin and inkjet prints will have a velvety look. This matte paper renders the colors in much more vibrant tones than uncoated matte papers do. Due to the special coating, water drops that may accidentally touch the printed paper do not cause ink smearing.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a great photo shoot session:

  • Consider your location and plan accordingly. Your set-up and camera needs will be different depending on where you’ll be shooting your photos. If your focus is on a parade, use longer lens and large aperture cameras to help eliminate distracting backgrounds. Consider becoming part of the actual parade for capturing best shots and get there early, the closer you are to the action the better the photos.
  • Tell a story. Walk your photo viewers through the experience – tell them what being there looked, felt, smelled and tasted like.
  • Try different angles. Move around and switch angles constantly – climb on chair, fences or bar tops for high angle shots and don’t hesitate to sit on the ground or on your knees, especially when photographing children.
  • Bring a friend. While you focus on your photo subjects, you risk not paying attention to what else is happening around you. Bumping into objects or other people bumping into you can ruin a great shot so bringing someone along as a buffer will come in handy.

Once you’ve edited and selected your favorite photos you are ready to print them. Use one of the best matte photo papers around, Royal Brites Premium Matte Photo Paper. It prints beautifully on both sides and works in both laser and inkjet printers to suit a variety of personal and professional uses. Matte photos are instant-drying once they come out of the printer and they are resistant to ink smudges and fingerprints.

Why Buy Photo Paper Made in the USA?

Royal Brites USA Photo PaperPhoto paper is a key material when it comes to inkjet photo printing, but there are tons of brands to choose from and not all of them are equal in quality.  Very few companies still produce photo paper in the US, but one of them is Miami Valley LLC, located in Franklin, Ohio.  Royal Brites photo paper has been on the market for many years and developed for use with all inkjet printers at an affordable price, a rarity when it comes to photo paper.

Many times, you’ll see photo paper in three different grades: glossy, premium high gloss, and professional high gloss.  Everyday glossy paper is a great choice for day-to-day photo printing or for making personal albums because it mimics the look and feel of a developed photograph.  Premium and professional papers differ in paper thickness, glossiness, drying time and longevity.  They are both bright white in color which means that the printed tones of an image will be sharp and vibrant.  Thanks to the paper’s sturdiness and resistance to yellowing, professional paper will produce photos that still look great decades after you print them.

Royal Brites photo paper features the latest technology to offer you a photo paper that has the qualities you need.  For example, instant-dry papers are able to dry so quickly because the paper is designed to be micro-porous, which means that the ink is absorbed very quickly.  However, they may fade sooner than other papers because the ink does not seep into the paper deeply.  Photo papers that are fade resistant have a swellable characteristic that allows them to last longer.

The Royal Brites photo paper brand stands out because of how many options it offers a buyer of photo paper.  Most people think of glossy photos when they think of a photograph—Royal Brites offers several finishes other than just glossy and high gloss.  Matte photo paper is unique because it features a subtle finish that does not produce glare; since this is a lighter weight paper you can also print on both sides!  Satin-finished photo paper (also known as “semi-gloss” paper) is less shiny and sticky than a glossy-finished paper so fingerprints will not show as much.  Royal Brites brochure paper comes in a matte-satin finish, so it is a great paper to use when printing professional documents that will be handled extensively.

The benefits of choosing an experienced, US-made photo paper brand are bountiful—check out Royal Brites paper at TheRoyalStore to find a fantastic selection.

Which Royal Brites Photo Paper is Best for My Needs?



Use a good photo paper to print great photos from home, but there are many brands out there to choose from. Royal Brites photo paper has been manufactured in the US by Miami Valley LLC for many years and with experience comes superior quality. When it comes to photo paper, Royal Brites exceeds expectations by offering a range of photo paper grades customized for specific types of projects.

Whether you are an expert at using photo paper or a complete beginner, you are sure to find a Royal Brites photo paper that meets your needs. Photo papers are typically available in three grades: glossy, premium and professional.  Overall, these three grades differ by factors like paper thickness, drying time, longevity and of course, image quality. At and, you can find these three grades as well as additional photo papers in a variety of sizes.

To clarify exactly how many choices you’ll have with Royal Brites photo paper, we’ll start with the basics. The Everyday Glossy photo paper is a solid choice for those who want to print personal photos from home that have the appearance of traditional photos.  After all, when most people think of a photo they think of a glossy developed one. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, check out Royal Brites Matte and Satin photo papers. The Matte paper has a subtle finish; it is inexpensive, dries quickly, and is printable on both sides. Satin paper has a lustrous finish that is very smooth so it resists fingerprints well. Both of these photo papers also serve a functional purpose—since they do not have a shiny finish they are good at resisting glare if displayed from a distance.

If you are just a casual photo printer, you may wonder why it’s worthwhile to choose a Royal Brites Premium or Professional photo paper instead of a basic glossy photo paper. While all photo papers should be chemically optimized to produce a good photo, premium and professional papers go the extra mile to make outstanding, long-lasting photos and also provide convenience in the short drying time. Premium paper is bright white and coated with a high gloss finish to produce a high resolution image with a classy presentation. Professional photo paper is the same but it can also be instant-drying and fade resistant (depending on the technology involved) to last for generations to come. Whether you’re printing photos for a casual or professional purpose, using premium or professional photo paper will bring the best out of your project.

By choosing Royal Brites photo paper, you’ll not only be able to print professional quality photos at home, but also be supporting a US-made brand that is devoted to producing fantastic results.

Make Your Own Glossy Photos from Home: Photo Printing for Beginners

Everyday Glossy Photo PaperTraditionally developed glossy photos hold a lot of significance for many people.  Even though photography is moving more and more towards the digital age, nothing can compare to holding a physical photo, creating an album or scrapbook of your memories and being able to bring it out years later.  Due to the latest technology, it’s possible to get the professional look and feel of developed glossy photos without leaving your home.  Printing photos from your own computer using photo paper and a photo printer is a low cost activity that will also give you complete control over how you want your photos to look.

In order to print professional-looking glossy photos, it is imperative to use a printer that is optimized for photo printing.  There are several types of photo printers to choose from, but inkjet printers have become a popular choice since they are affordable, easy to use and reliable.  In addition, many manufacturers of photo paper offer the most options for inkjet printers.

When it comes to actually printing your photos, there are countless methods to do it.  No matter your computer’s operating system, you will likely have a picture viewing program already installed, or possibly even a photo editing program.  Most of these programs let you select a photo and print it in a few clicks—once in the print menu, you will be prompted to select your photo paper size, your photo printing settings and any other options you wish.  You may even be able to print directly from your camera.  In any case, refer to your equipment’s instruction manual to learn how to best go about printing your photos.  I can highly recommend the software at – it will help you create amazing photo projects for free!

To ensure that your photos look like traditional photos, all you need is a good quality premium glossy photo paper.  Glossy paper features a smooth, protective coating that will not only preserve your photos but also give them a classy appearance.  Glossy Premium Photo paper is thicker than everyday glossy paper and it gives more professional results.  Most importantly, it is also designed specifically to produce great color and image resolution for your photos.  Everyday Glossy photo paper is an excellent material for beginners who are working on casual photo projects.  If you need to use photo paper for a professional project and are concerned about image quality, then I recommend that you try the professional photo paper and you will have the guarantee that your photos will be longer lasting and of a far superior quality.

Printing glossy photos from home is a money-saving process and a rewarding one because it is easy to learn and also fun! and have a great selection of US made photo paper at affordable prices.

Lexmark Photo Paper – Why Choose a Value Brand?

Lexmark PerfectFinish Photo PaperYou may wonder what the benefits are of choosing a photo paper with a valuable brand name, like Lexmark. Usually big brands stand behind their products and produce consistent quality photo paper. There are continual improvements in quality and variety, and never deterioration.
Lexmark, though not as valuable as HP or Epson, has been on the market for some time with products such as Lexmark photo paper, inkjet printers and cartridges and more.

Unlike other brands, Lexmark photo paper works in all inkjet printers, not only in Lexmark printers.  Since Royal Consumer Products LLC took the distribution of Lexmark photo paper in the US and Europe, you can find glossy and premium high gloss photo paper on the Geographics and TheRoyalStore websites. If you wish to resell a product you can buy in bulk and get a considerable discount! The reseller program is available on only.  Geographics offers a selection of various photo paper brands, so check it out!

Thanks to the latest technology, printing high quality photos from home is affordable and easy, and there is plenty of photo paper to choose from. You just need to get the right photo paper grade at the right price.  Lexmark photo paper is designed to have all of the qualities that are expected of good photo paper –  great color output and image detail, a fast drying time and archival photo quality to name a few.

Lexmark PerfectFinish Photo Paper is heavyweight, 68lb, 255gsm, extremely bright white and it produces vibrant, resilient photos that can last 100 years. Though designed for best performance with Lexmark printers, it performs extremely well in all the other inkjet printers.  If you want an all-around great photo paper, you can’t go wrong with Lexmark.  And the price is just right!

The extra benefit for buying Lexmark photo paper from is the use of their iClick n’ Print software that allows you to create various types of photo projects using 8.5”x11” and 4”x6” Lexmark photo paper.  Print two 5”x7” photos on an 8.5”x11” sheet or photo greeting cards, wallet and passport photos, photo collages, scrapbook projects and more. It is easy to use, has many creative features and it saves your projects so you can come back to them in the future.

In general, glossy and high gloss photo paper are great for all-purpose photos for any school or business project—Lexmark photo paper takes glossy paper to a new level by producing outstanding quality photos and also being convenient to use. Lexmark is the best in their class when it comes to photo longevity. Your photos will be fantastic whether you share them right after printing or several decades from now.

Using a product like Lexmark photo paper will help you print photos that you’ll want to share again and again.  Check out Lexmark and some other great photo paper brands at today to find the photo paper that’s best for you!

When to Use Matte Photo Paper

Premium Matte Photo Paper



Matte photo paper is a heavyweight quality paper coated on both sides, which means it can be used as a multipurpose paper and is great for projects like making cards, matte photos and school or business presentations.

“Why would I choose the matte photo paper over standard inkjet paper?” you may ask.

  1. Because of the print quality!  Matte photo paper is coated with an inkjet photo coating that renders the colors in much more vibrant tones. The ink gets into the coating and the result bears no contest to the standard paper.
  2. Matte photo paper is a premium paper, heavyweight and it can be printed on both sides with excellent results.
  3. Due to the special coating, water drops that may accidentally touch the printed paper do not affect the print.

One obvious characteristic of matte photo paper is that it is not as sensitive to fingerprints or liquid stains as glossy paper.  As a result, matte photo paper is an ideal choice for all-purpose cards such as business cards, 2UP invitations, panel cards, 4UP post cards, note cards, place cards, gift tags, mini cards and more. offers a free software available at which can help you get all the above done easily.

There are many practical advantages to using photo paper with a matte finish. It may make a big difference in a presentation or a display that involves photos. From a distance, standard glossy photos may produce glare due to reflection from light sources.  Matte photo paper is designed to keep your photos glare-free without sacrificing color quality like standard printer paper would.

One of the best matte photo papers around is the Royal Brites heavyweight 9 to 10 mil premium matte photo paper. It prints beautifully on both sides and works in both laser and inkjet printers to suit a variety of personal and professional uses.  Matte photos are instant-drying once they come out of the printer and they are resistant to ink smudges and fingerprints. Royal Brites Matte photo paper also comes in 12”x12” as Digital Scrapbooking Photo Paper. This means you can print your scrapbook layouts, pictures, tags and everything on both sides of a 12”x12” matte photo paper sheet and just bind the sheets together to make a great album.

You can also make the same type of album using the 8.5”x11” matte photo paper in a landscape orientation. Remember those old albums with vellum separators between the sheets? You just need to be artsy enough to make a nice back and front cover to it.  Matte photos display very well in scrapbook and photo albums (they take the glue better than the glossy papers), and they do very well under glass since matte paper does not stick to the glass like the glossy paper. If you want to have glossy framed photos, use matte photo paper under a glass since the glass will give it a gloss.

We recommend that you buy matte photo paper made in the USA – you’ll get great quality photos from practiced, trustworthy brands and be supporting US business at the same time!

The Benefits of Satin Photo Paper

Satin Photo PaperSatin photo paper is the paper for you if you’re looking for a photo paper that will produce great color quality and professional results with low glare.  Satin photo paper, also known as semi-gloss or luster paper, features a soft, lustrous finish that is designed to show off the best of an image without the high gloss.
Since satin photo paper displays well without a protective covering and is also durable enough to be handled without too much care, it is a great choice of photo paper for a variety of projects.  It works particularly well when printing business documents, presentation photos or photos for school projects. Some photo labs use satin photo paper because customers prefer the look and feel of a satin finish.

Brochure paper is a double-sided, satin-coated paper with a velvety feel.  It is an excellent multi-purpose material that you can use to make professional-looking brochures, business or school presentations and reports.  The semi-gloss finish has the advantage that it is more impervious to fingerprints, and a splash of water will not destroy your picture (provided you clean it off within a reasonable timeframe).

Satin paper is for people who do not want to use matte or glossy paper, but something in between. The quality of the satin photo paper is as good as that of matte or glossy, the only difference being the finish. Satin photos can have sharp and vibrant colors and can be also last very long depending on the technology involved and the ink you are using.  Satin paper is usually sold at the same prices as matte and glossy paper.

In most cases, satin photo paper is offered in 8.5” x 11” or 4”x6”.  If you are feeling creative, you can use the 8.5×11” to make three photo greeting cards or any other photo size. Check out, a free design program that lets you make great photo projects.  Look under the photo paper category and find unlimited photo printing possibilities for free!

Professional Satin and a Professional Plus Satin photo paper are also available with the same great qualities as a professional high gloss photo paper. This is a super heavyweight photo paper that is great for photo projects that require outstanding image quality.  Professional satin paper is in the same price range as professional high gloss photo papers—the difference depends on whether your aesthetic preference is the high gloss or semi-gloss.

Anything printed on paper will naturally deteriorate over time due to natural gases in the air.  Some satin photo paper can be ozone resistant—this means that it will last for years without yellowing or losing image quality. This is called archival paper and it is best used in photo and scrapbook albums as well as in any projects where the images are not protected by glass or archival plastic sheets.

No matter what your project is, you can’t go wrong with satin photo paper.  Look for the best satin photo paper to print great photo projects!

Use Premium Photo Paper to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Printing

Premium Photo Paper



When it comes to printing your own photos, premium photo paper is one of the best types of photo paper you can buy.  Photo paper is strongly recommended over regular printer paper for printing photos because it is designed to bring out the vivid details and colors in an image.  In addition, photo paper is heavyweight and features a finish on the surface that will protect the photo from aging and other elements.  Premium photo paper in particular excels at all of these qualities.  Also known as high gloss or brilliant gloss photo paper, it will make an image the best it can be in addition to being instant-dry and smudge resistant.  Of all of the photo papers on the market, premium photo papers are guaranteed to give you the longest lasting photos.  At, you can find premium photo paper in several different sizes from many quality brands.

Premium photo paper allows you to make photographs that look professionally processed right from home.  In general, it is designed to give you the highest quality photos, but varying brands feature different weights, calipers, and finishes so it is up to you to decide which brand works best for you.  At, you can find various types of  Lexmark photo paper, Jet Print photo paper and Royal Brites photo paper.  Photos printed on premium Lexmark paper are estimated to last up to 100 years with proper care and handling.  Jet Print premium paper is optimized for digital photography and offers high color densities and image vibrancy.  Royal Brites photo paper is compatible with all major inkjet printers as well as both dye and pigmented inks.  Any brand of photo paper you choose should produce excellent photos, but trying different ones out will help you determine those that best meets your needs.

While premium photo paper is a great option if you intend to print and store your personal photos, it is also a fantastic choice for business and social purposes.  Photos printed on premium photo paper will be highly visible from a distance thanks to the excellent color quality.  They will also be protected from liquid damage or dust since the paper is thickly coated.  For example, premium photo paper can help create a classy photo display for a wedding or another formal event.  The color quality of your photos will be unmatched, and best of all they will last for generations! offers an extensive variety of premium photo paper as well as everyday photo papers and specialty inkjet papers.  Check out all of the options to find the best photo papers for you at great prices!