Fun Poster Board Projects Perfect for the Easter Break

Here are some Poster Board fun projects for Easter to keep your children engaged in fun and creative activities. Whether you plan on spending Easter at home, taking a family trip or visiting friends or family, we know that enjoying quality time with your children or grandchildren is always a treasured moment of the celebration.

Have a look at the below suggested activities and choose the ones that work best for you. For successful projects, get the right Royal Brites Poster Board Size and colors.

A versatile, unique and  most loved product is the patented Royal Brites concept 2Cool Colors™, featuring a different color on each side of the Poster Board. Kids may love crafting with the Fluorescent Neon Red and Green posterboard, now that spring is here with lots of love (green+red).

Gorgeous 3D Poster Board Pop Up Cards

This is a perfect project to try out with a group of girls and works well for different ages. All you need is scissors, a printer and paper [we recommand EZ Poster 8.5″x14″ for the cards and color paper for the blooms and leaves. Watch the video and download the templates. This is a simple project, it requires a minimum of supplies and kids can work on it anywhere, anyhow. Just print out the templates ahead of time, bring child friendly scissors and stock up on paper and board.
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Dino Balloons

This is a project that works great for both boys and girls. It does require a bit of adult supervision if the kids are younger but it will keep them busy and happy. In the meantime, you’ll have a moment to finish setting up for a delicious Easter meal or to catch up with the other grown-ups in the room.

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Paper Crocodile

For this project, you’ll need Dark Green Poster Board, Scissors, Adhesive, Scale, Pencil and Sketch Pen. The kids will need a bit of help with measuring paper sizes but you could take advantage and use it as a creative way to work on their math skills.

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Make the most out of your time together, with creative and engaging projects using posterboard. We hope you will enjoy testing these paper and board projects out. You can buy your Poster Board and Color Paper in stores or you can order online from Royal Brites Poster Board has some unique features that makes it stand out from the competition. The 2-sides coated C2S board gives it great UV resistanc- the colors will not yellow or change even when left in the sun for long stretches of time. Also, outstanding ink, marker and pen receptivity allows for easy absorption into the coating and water resistance – no ink smudging.

Make the most out of your time together with creative and engaging projects using posterboard.

Have a Peaceful and Happy Easter!

3 Ways to Use Royal Brites Design Paper

Man’s love affair with paper began more than 2, 000 years ago in China and we owe its invention to T’sai Lun (about 105AD). Understandably, he soon became the god of papermakers.

The history of writing goes back to Ancient Egypt. Even the word “paper” comes from papyrus, a plant that was abundant in Egypt and used to produce a thick, paper-like material used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Another predecessor of paper was “tapa”, a kind of cloth born in the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and from the inner bark of fig, daphne and mulberry trees.

Today, we see and use paper for both practical and artistic purposes. From storing and filing data to wrapping our food or packages to creating art. At, our love of paper is at the heart of everything we do. One of our favorite products is our wide and varied selection of Design Paper. We love Design Paper as it brings together two elements we value – practical use and beauty.

How to use and enjoy Design Paper:

  • Letter writing. Although considered a bit of a dying art, many of us still enjoy putting pen to paper and adding a more personal touch to communicating with people we care about. Think about it, in a world where digital has become the norm, don’t you feel special when someone sends a letter? They thought about you while choosing a paper style and envelope. They’ve added a personal hand message instead of using a computer. Not to mention love letters…
  • Thicker than normal paper, versatile and already containing décor elements, Design Paper is perfect for scrapbooking. It can serve as a base for gluing, stitching your favorite photos or magazine cutouts or you can use it to draw or paint on it. Our Floral and Nature Printable Design Paper features both delicate and colorful designs. Here are 36 Great Scrapbook Ideas and Albums to get you started.

  • Creative Writing or Arts and Crafts projects. Both at home and in the classroom, children love hands-on creative projects. Use School Printable Design Paper as a base for children to practice poem or essay writing or to paint or draw. Your students or children will love the creative design and it will help inspire them. They can also use Design Paper to replicate their favorite paper project.

To make the best out of your projects, you can further customize products purchased at – use Free Templates, Clipart &Wording section on the website or at iClicknPrint Design Center. This is a free tool offering a great selection of design options such as fonts, colors, clip art, shapes, templates, suggested wording and many more.


Use Printable Thank You Cards and Save on Party Stationery

Printable Thank You Cards TheRoyalStorePrintable thank you cards are inexpensive and available in a wide assortment of colors, sizes and designs, particularly from stationery retail stores online.  As a result, making your own thank you cards is a great way to save money and make personalized stationery for special occasions and events.  By designing your cards digitally, you’ll have many creative options at your fingertips to make your cards exactly as you like them.

You can use printable thank you cards of any size to make thank you notes, but some common sizes are 4.25”x5.5” and 5.5”x8.5”.  Depending on how formal or informal your event is as well as how many people you are making cards for, you may want to choose one style of thank you card over another. For instance, printable thank you cards with a textured surface as well as embellishments such as embossing or foil detailing are an excellent choice for event such as bridal showers, anniversaries and more. Alternatively, thank you cards with a pre-printed themed design, such as birthday, floral, etc., are ideal for casual parties.  If you enjoy the idea of designing your card entirely from scratch, printable blank cards are available in an assortment of colors and sizes, and they often come with envelopes.

Creating a design for a set of printable thank you cards is simple, and you can choose from a variety of methods to get the job done. One cost-effective way of designing a card is to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, on your computer.  The tricky part is creating an appropriate layout; you will need to alter the size and possibly the margin width of your page to match the size of the card you are printing and create your desired card cover. However, once you have the proper settings in place, you are free to design your card message by using whatever fonts, colors, alignments and digital embellishments (such as clip art or images) that you choose. If you are working with foldover cards rather than flat cards, it may be helpful to use a free thank you card template such as those offered by Templates provide pre-made textboxes and help to ensure correct printing.

Printing your own thank you cards allows you to send a personal message of gratitude to your peers while saving you time and money. The iClickn’Print Design Center is a free design tool offered by Try it to DIY in style and save!

How to Make DIY Wedding Invitations from Home

DIY Wedding Invitations TheRoyalStoreThere are many advantages to making DIY wedding invitations instead of ordering your wedding invitations from a designer. In addition to saving a lot of money, you will have the opportunity to make a personal impression on your wedding guests through your design. Printable formal invitations come in many sizes and designs that look professionally printed.

To make DIY wedding invitations, you should first find a set of printable formal invitations that suits the needs and look of your wedding.  Invitations can be made from printable flat invitations, printable foldover panel cards, design paper and many other stationery materials – the choice is up to you! Formal invitations will often feature professional embossing & foil designs and also be constructed from textured paper such as vellum, parchment or fine paper. Using invitations with a pre-printed design will save you time during your design process, but using blank textured stationery (often available in many colors) will give you the freedom to design your invitations from scratch and make them completely your own.

If you are looking to design all of your wedding stationery, try looking for invitation kits online. Invitation kits and sets may feature items such as printable invitations, envelopes, note cards, thank you cards, place cards & other stationery for formal occasions. If you need to make a large number of invitations and other stationery for your event, you can save both time and money by using a collection. In addition, kits ensure that you will have a cohesive themed look amongst all of your wedding stationery.

There are many ways you can design your invitations via computer. At the most basic level, DIY wedding invitations can be designed using only a word processing program. Simply adjust your page layout so your document matches the size of your printable invitations (ex: 5.5”x8.5”) and then type the text for your invitations using the desired fonts and colors. You can also use a downloadable invitation template, typically available for free from online stationery stores. Templates can be beneficial because they offer guidelines to help you type your text and print correctly. Finally, you could use a stationery design program to get the most design options in one package. The iClickn’Print Design Center is a web-based design tool that is offered for free to TheRoyalStore customers.

It is up to you to decide which methods to make DIY wedding invitations work best for you considering your wedding plans and your technical capabilities. With the right tools, you can create meaningful and memorable invitations at low cost!

Using Project Board: How to Make an Effective Display for Your Project

Royal Brites Tri-Fold Project BoardProject board is a term that covers a broad category of materials used to present and display content.  Tri-fold board made from foam or corrugated cardboard are two widely used examples.  Whether you plan on using project board for a professional or personal purpose, a display made with project board will meet your project’s needs.

Online, you can find a unique selection of project board to choose from in different sizes and colors.  Firm board is a type of board made from double-wall corrugated cardboard; it’s a great choice if you need to display content on your board that’s heavier than usual.  For example, you could use firm board to tack up name tags or place cards at events like a professional conference or a wedding reception. offers firm board in two sizes: 14”x22” and 22”x28”.  Tri-fold project board is one of the more popular types of project board on the market.  The most common size is 36”x48” (folded open).

The Royal Brites 2 Cool Colors line offers double-sided tri-fold project board in a variety of eye-catching combinations.  Using a colorful project board in your presentation will do wonders to draw people to your board, but use your judgment in deciding whether certain colors are appropriate or not for your project.  For example, if you are making a display for a career fair you may want to opt for a color that gives off a more professional vibe like blue, black, or gray.

Since project board is often associated with school projects, making a project board display for a purpose unrelated to school might seem difficult.  But with the right materials, you easily make a sharp-looking board for a business project or an elegant-looking board for a personal event.   All in all, a project board is designed to display content, so no matter your project it’s important to maintain a neat and uncluttered layout for your board.  Viewers should be able to find the information they need with ease.   If you’re giving a presentation, your board should only act as a supplement to your speech by offering your audience key points or visual examples.

Try using adhesive letters on your project board to create a bold, clear title; it will look neater and be easier to read than a handwritten title.  Fluorescent neon paper is a good material to use to grab the attention of those passing by; if appropriate, try using neon paper as a backing to the areas of your board you wish to highlight.  If you are going to use project board for a competitive event like a science fair, refer to the guidelines of your respective event to clarify what accessories you can and can’t include in your display.

Making your own display using project board is an inexpensive way to add a personal element to your project.

How to Find the Poster Board Size That’s Right for You

Poster Board SizeWhen shopping online, you may be surprised by the number of poster board sizes you come across after only finding one or two sizes available in stores.  Certain retailers such as specialize in poster board and offer a variety of sizes to suit a number of different needs.  It is helpful to have some knowledge about the various sizes and forms of poster board on the market so you can find a size that best suits your project.

Poster board in any size is a very versatile material, so before you shop it is helpful to have a solid idea of what sort of materials your project calls for.  For example, do you need a sturdy, functional board or are you more concerned with the color and texture of the board?  Most people use poster board for signs or school presentations, so for these purposes a standard size of poster board such as 22”x28” would be ideal.  22”x28” board also comes in the widest range of styles and colors.  However, it may be difficult to transport.  If you are making a sign that you wish to display in a sign holder, choosing a smaller size of poster board might be a better option since it is a lighter weight.  11”x14” poster board is a good choice for a standing yard sign, but make sure the size you choose is big enough so your intended message will be easily read from a distance.  At, you can find Royal Brites poster board in three sizes: 22”x28”, 14”x22”, and 11”x14”.  These sizes are available in all Royal Brites Primary Colors, 2 Cool Colors, Black & White and Grid Board styles.

In addition to knowing your available poster board sizes, it is also helpful to know about the different forms of display board to find out what kind will best contribute to the success of your project.  Tri-fold foam board or project board is a popular material for presentations and fair displays.  Tri-fold board is very reliable because it is sturdy; two common sizes are 22”x28” (folded open) and 36” x 48” (folded open).  Foam board is similar to poster board but it is stiff and can therefore be propped up to display.  It is also very light and easy to transport.  For crafting projects like model-making, foam board or firm board can be a handy material. offers foam board comes in two sizes: 20” x 30” and 22” x 28”.

Knowing poster board sizes will help you make an informed choice about what supplies you need when preparing for a project.  Check out to see one a versatile collection of display board and board supplies online.

What is Display Board?

Royal Brites Display BoardDisplay board is a useful presentation material that comes in several versatile styles.  Typically, you’ll see display board in a tri-fold style which can stand up and easily display to your viewers, but you can also create a display using poster board or foam board.  Display board is ideal for school projects and science fair presentations as well as displays for community and business events.  By creating a visual display, you will attract more viewers and be able to convey your information more clearly. offers a wide selection of display board styles and board supplies to help you make a successful presentation.

Display board can be made from many materials, but it is most commonly made using foam or cardboard.  Poster board is a great choice for making signs and other displays that you need to post or tack onto a wall or bulletin board.  It comes in a large variety of colors and sizes so you can create a unique and eye-catching project.  Foam board is a flat but stiff type of display board, so it is sturdy enough to hold a large amount of content.  Since foam board is essentially two sheets of poster board secured with a foam center, you can tack the contents of your project onto your foam board rather than having to glue it or tape it.  This is a convenient feature if you plan on rearranging the contents of your display board or reusing it in the future. features an extensive selection of tri-fold display board options. You can find tri-fold foam and project board in standard colors as well as creative styles.  One example is the Royal Brites® 2Cool™ heavy duty tri-fold project board which features a different color on the front and back side.  The 2Cool™ color combinations include red-on-white, yellow-on-white, black-on-white, and basic white-on-white.  Another option is the Royal Brites® tri-fold grid board which features small gridlines to help you organize your content precisely.  The grid lines are invisible from a distance so you’ll be able to keep your presentation looking clean and professional.  Also, be sure to explore board supplies for your project, such as adhesive letters and borders, to help you make an original display.

Using a quality display board with versatile board supplies will help you create an intriguing and memorable project.  Check out for a great selection of display board!

How to Make a Business Card From Your Home Computer

Business Cards In Click n' Print

Click n’ Print offers several features to make creating business cards an efficient process

Learning how to make a business card yourself may seem like a difficult task, but it has many advantages over ordering business cards for your company.  When making your own business cards, you have complete say over the design process.  Furthermore, using your own creativity to make a business card ensures that your company will be represented exactly as you want. offers Click n’ Print, a free online design program that makes business card creation a convenient and cost-effective process.  Click n’ Print lets you make your own business card templates, work on and print up to ten at a time, and save them so you can conveniently print out business cards when you need them—anywhere, anytime.

The best way to begin making a business card starts with choosing a quality business card stock. offers several categories of business cards including blank business cards, embossed business cards, foil business cards, and design business cards.  The cards you pick will send a distinct impression to your business contacts, so choose business cards that appropriately reflect your business.  All business cards from are made with tough 65lb card stock and will stand up to the wear and tear of business card handling.

Click n’ Print gives you access to a variety of design options to learn how to make a business cards in a creative, hands-on way.  Once you open Click n’ Print, you’ll be able to choose a blank template to create your business card from scratch or choose a pre-made template.  In the “Backgrounds” menu, click on “Cards”, then “Cards on 8.5×11 Paper”, and then “Business Cards” to pick out a business card template.

Business card templates in Click n’ Print display as 8.5”x11” sheets with perforated business cards.  Once you have your template, go to “Suggested Wording” and choose a text layout under “Business Cards”.  This will give you a series of text boxes, one for each business card on your template sheet.  Simply edit the first text box with your own content, make sure that box is selected, and then use the “Synchronize All” feature to copy your text onto the rest of the business cards in your sheet.

You can edit your text using an assortment of fonts and colors, create shapes and lines for decoration, and even import your own images or a company logo to make your business cards more personal.  Best of all, you can edit and print up to ten business card sheets at a time—this is perfect if you’re working on business cards for several employees or if you need to print your business cards in bulk.

Once you work with Click n’ Print, you’ll see exactly how fast and easy making your own business cards can be.  Visit for a versatile business card selection—we offer a free gift of 25 blank business cards and free shipping on orders of $99 or more!

How to make Poster Board Projects with

Wondering how to make successful poster board projects without a lot of effort?

You found the answer.  Use Click’nPrint for help with your Poster Board projects and get them done professionally and in no time at all!
Under Backgrounds, choose Poster Board and pick up a blank page format.
The following sizes are available now: 8.5″x11”, 8.5″x14” and 12″x12”

Use these most useful Click’nprint features that offer ready-made  material to use for your poster project.
You can modify any ready made text or delete clip art and add your own at any time.

Look on the left navigation menu under

  1.  Suggested Wording – Poster Board and make your choice of wording;
  2.  Clip Art – Poster Board and make your choice of clip art or word art.
  3.  Shapes and Lines – use them heavily; Change the color of the inside of the shape and of its border from Edit
    Do not forget to upload your own images from your computer and to create your own messages using Add text box.

If you are using color poster board, especially neon poster board, we recommend that you print out your pages on a transparency sheet.
The safest way for the outdoor use is to print the sheet after having formatting the text to a Mirror format, (you can click the Mirror icon after you have highlighted the text).
your message will be protected from rain since the ink is inside.
If you choose to print on white sheets of paper for your school projects or science fair projects, we recommend that use easy to read fonts like Arial or Times new Roman and a 12-14 font size. For Poster Board project Titles, Use the Stencil fonts or any other interesting fonts.

Mark your text, click on Fonts Hover over and see which font is the fittest.

If you plan on using color paper for your poster board project, especially one that is intended to grab attention, I highly recommend the Royal Brites Fluorescent Neon Paper for a dramatic effect. You can also use any color paper especially if you are using it on white or black poster board

You can cut pieces of text after printing them and glue or staple them onto the poster board sheet. You can create your own borders and print them or you can use Royal brites adhesive borders.

Save your project for future use.

Creating a nice poster board project has never been easier.  Combine Click’n print free personalization software with Display Board Accessories – Royal Brites Project Works Poster Board accessories line, consisting of markers in 2 Cool Fluorescent Neon colors, adhesive and removable Poster borders, lacing borders, letters and numbers in paper vinyl black, white and Fluorescent Neon colors, stencils and shapes etc. Look for Royal Brites Project Works posterboard accessories.
See our full line of Royal Brites® Project Works Poster board project accessories to create outstanding Poster Board projects.

Poster Board Ideas by Royal Brites

What Project Ideas Is Poster Board good for and why Royal Brites?
Royal Brites Poster Board is coated in the USA with a smooth, graphic arts-quality coating on either side. It was created to be used on both sides. Royal Brites features posterboard with the same color on both sides and the patented concept 2Coool Colors poster board, a different color on each side
Royal Brites poster board has some unique features that differentiates it from the competition:

–          Coated 2 sides

–          UV resistance – the poster board color will not yellow or change in the sun for long periods of time;

–          Water resistance – the inks used on the poster board  will not run or be washed out

–          Ink, marker and pen receptivity – the inks, paints or markers used on poster board will be easily absorbed in the coating and will stand out.

Excellent for Signs and Signage, Charts, Arts and Crafts Projects, Book Reports, School Presentations and School Projects, sometimes for business presentations.

Use Royal Brites Poster Board with Foam Board sheets to create  display boards. Add photographs to create photo a photo foam board display.
Create a poster with Display Board Accessories, attach letters, shapes and pictures to it.
Or you may want to create announcement boards and various poster board projects and embelish them with these practical accessories;
Make Outdoor signs, sidewalk signs, indoor signs and signage using poster board in combination with 8.5×11″ laser printable Fluorescent Neon Paper and Cardboard.
Mount Royal Brites Poster Board on a foam board or Project Board and use Royal Brites adhesive Poster Borders to link the two at the top. Then, flip the poster board sheet over and use the other side.
Create a professional display board or a poster presentation board with Royal Brites Tri-fold Presentation or Project Board by gluing different color poster board sheets on top. Use both sides.
Make a Poster Board collage using Royal Brites Photo Paper; use it for an eye-catching science project, for any school or kindergarten project.
This idea is also great for school presentations, student of the month or the students’ corner display, business presentations, etc.

Use Click’nPrint for help with your Poster Board projects and ideas. It is Free!