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Learn how to create interesting projects for school, home or office with Royal Brites® Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board and Sign Board. Use display board made in the USA. Free customization of  School projects, Science Fair projects, Sale and Yard Signs and Signage with Iclicknprint!

How to Design a Flyer

Learning how to design a flyer is a fun and fast activity.  There are a [...]

Spread Holiday Cheer with Photo Paper

Printing out pictures with inkjet photo paper is a great way to hold on to [...]

Foam Board Use

A foam board sheet has a great for a variety of functions, from school projects [...]

Book of Memories

Create a memory album for a child, relative or friend using Royal Lace Paper Doilies [...]

Make Award Ribbons

Materials Needed: 18″ of 1 1/2″ wide Blue Grosgrain ribbon 1 Pin back 1 Canning [...]

Royal Brites Paper to Print Quality Photos

The art of printing photos from home successfully involves several factors, but a major part [...]

Science Fair Board to Make a Project Display

Science fair projects are great opportunities for a child to use his or her creativity, [...]

Neon Paper for Signs and Flyers

If you need to make preparations for a professional or community event, neon paper can [...]


Buy Professional Photo Paper

Professional photo paper (also called Premium High Gloss, Advanced, Ultra, etc. depending on the brand) [...]

Use Photo Paper to Print your Photos

Printing your own photos from home using photo paper is simple, convenient and very cost-effective. [...]

Premium Photo Paper for Best Photo Quality

Whether you’re new to printing photos or you’re a photo paper whiz, you’ll be amazed [...]

Glossy Photo Paper for Printing Photos

What the difference is between glossy photo paper and all the other types of photo [...]

Inkjet Photo Paper Types and Benefits

If you enjoy the look and feel of traditionally developed photos but are eager to [...]

Project Board for Successful Projects

Quality project board can really make the difference in your next project. If you’re looking [...]

Foam Board for Display Projects

Foam board is usually the go-to material for people who are looking to make a [...]

Enjoy All the Potential of Poster Board

Maybe you think of poster board as something that can only be used for school [...]

Find the Right Poster Board from Royal Brites

The right poster board is the best investment any student can make at the beginning [...]

Photo Paper for Holiday Cards

Consider when stocking up on inkjet photo paper as we begin nearing the big [...]

Create a Poster Board Project

How to Create a Project using Poster Board Poster Board is a convenient project and [...]

About Poster Board Thickness

In the U.S., Poster board, Cardstock and Cover Stock  thickness is usually measured in points [...]

What are Poster Board Accessories

Make your message really stand out with these repositionable and reusable self-adhesive letters and shapes. [...]

Poster Board Printing

It’s an inevitable part of having a child in a school system: the poster board [...]

Create your Science Fair Project with iClicknPrint

Create your Science Fair Project with iClicknPrint Design Center and Royal Brites Tri-fold Project Board, [...]

Print Large Posters with Layering Iclicknprint EZ Poster Print

Create quality printed poster projects with EZ Poster Print, the new layering technique available in [...]

Turn your small business dreams into reality with Project Boards

You had an idea, and from that idea you spent months, maybe even years drafting [...]

Use Posters to Decorate for Birthday Parties

Your little one has a birthday coming up and you want it to be a [...]

Make Posters to Lead the Cheers

It’s football season, which means that it’s also cheerleading season! Every squad wants to be [...]

Sign Board Kits in E-Z Print

E-Z Print Sign Boards from Royal Brites are a great choice for all your home [...]

Some Home-school Montessori Projects

Homeschooling your child is a big decision and a big time commitment. There are a [...]

Set Goals with a Family Vision Board

Spending quality time with your children is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Learning their hopes [...]

Easy Design Tool for School Science Projects

It’s science fair time again. Time to find out how dolphins communicate with each other [...]

From Phone to Fridge or Frame, Print Photos with iClickn’Print

iClicknPrint and Royal Brites Photo Paper Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is hard [...]

Right Use of Space in Design

IClicknPrint Design Center is designed to help customers customize Geographics Stationery, Royal Brites Poster Board, [...]

Valentine Cards on Royal Brites Sign Board

Create Valentine Cards for Cents! Who would believe all these 4 cards (4.25″x7″) can cost [...]

Community Project Proposal

Research ways to improve your community and create a convincing pitch. Print your slides and [...]

Aurora Borealis Science Fair Project

Use Royal Brites poster board and glitter paper to create colorful trees and any other [...]

Plant Science Fair Project

Arrange the items on Stage It Project Board, to get a sense of the perfect [...]

Create a Volcanos Science Fair Project

Arrange the items on Stage It Project Board and glue them on place. Decorate the [...]

How to Assemble a Project Board

Stage It is a 3D Display Board with Build-in Header and Display Shelf, that gives [...]

Lace Doily Envelope

Place doily face down on a flat surface. Cut a 4-1/2” square from cardboard and [...]

Princess Tiara

Glue one of the silver doilies to the lilac poster board, about 1” away from [...]

Whimsical Easter Bunny

Cut a 14” circle from the pink poster board cut this piece in half creating [...]

Kids Poster Board Projects

Royal Brites® Poster Board fun projects are great for kids at home or school. Keep [...]

Matte Photo Paper for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are a big deal in Ireland but also in major US [...]

How to Make Valentine’s Greetings

Fold the doily in half and position fold at bottom. Bring left & right ends [...]

DIY Wedding Invitations from Home

There are many advantages to making DIY wedding invitations instead of ordering your wedding invitations [...]

Use Sign Board Like a Pro

If you’re planning a tag sale or a yard sale, making a do-it-yourself sign with [...]

Make a Sign Board Like a Pro

Making a do-it-yourself sign with sign board is an excellent way to promote a garage [...]

Buy Photo Paper Made in the USA

Photo paper is a key material when it comes to inkjet photo printing, but there [...]

Make a Display for Your Project

Project board is a term that covers a broad category of materials used to present [...]

Which Royal Brites Photo Paper is Best?

Use a good photo paper to print great photos from home, but there are many [...]

Find the Right Poster Board Size

When shopping online, you may be surprised by the number of poster board sizes you [...]


Make Your Own Glossy Photos

Traditionally developed glossy photos hold a lot of significance for many people.  Even though photography [...]

Royal Brites, the Value Photo Paper

You may wonder what the benefits are of choosing a photo paper with a valuable [...]

When to Use Matte Photo Paper

Matte photo paper is a heavyweight quality paper coated on both sides, which means it [...]

The Benefits of Satin Photo Paper

Satin photo paper is the paper for you if you’re looking for a photo paper [...]

What is Display Board?

Display board is a useful presentation material that comes in several versatile styles.  Typically, you’ll [...]

Poster Board Projects with iClicknPrint

Wondering how to make successful poster board projects without a lot of effort? You found [...]

Poster Board Ideas by Royal Brites

Royal Brites features posterboard with the same color on both sides and the patented concept [...]

Poster Board – A Communication Tool?

Poster board? You must be joking I thought. In this day and age of instant [...]

Two Cool® Colors Poster Board

Did you know that Two Cool Colors® Poster Board a  Royal Brites® poster board is [...]