Royal Lace Paper Doilies for Elegant Table Décor

Royal Lace Paper Doilies can easily turn a dull table setting into a spectacular, elegant table décor. Use larger doilies such as the 12’’ or 10’’ White Normandy Lace Doilies under plates to dress up your dinnerware. Also, match them with smaller size, 4″ lace paper doilies with the same pattern and use them as coasters under stemware and between cups or saucers. When shopping online at the, you can choose from several sizes, styles and colors of doilies and placemats – starting from 4’’ to 18’’ in diameter, in elegant styles like French Style Doilies, Medallion Lace Paper Doilies or Normandy Lace Doilies. They also come in assorted colors and shapes – white, gold, silver and red, round, heart shaped and shamrock.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Place lace paper doilies between plates

One use that is very practical is placing lace doilies between plates that you want to store so that you can prevent scratches. Just take a cake of doilies (there are three or 4 doilies in a cake, detach them carefully, on top of a surface that can be easily cleaned -there are small paper chips falling out in the process- which is unavoidable. Place each doilie between two plates and cover the top plate with a doilie as well.


All Royal Lace Paper Doilies and Placemats come in exceptional lace patterns – classy and elegant but also modern and versatile to be a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary surroundings. Craftsmen who recreated royal lace patterns by hand imprinting them on metal dies have left behind their artistry in an unimitable way. That is why the designs for our lace doilies and placemats are unique. The names of the Royal lace designs usually denote the pattern’s lace origin or style such as Bobbin Lace, French Lace, Normandy Lace, Medallion Lace, etc. Use doilies that have been made in the USA since 1920’s. They are uniquely Royal!

Breakfast treats with Lace Paper Doilies

Doilies also look great lining bread baskets and on platters under finger foods, pastries and cakes. For a breakfast table setting Use Royal Lace Doilies to add zing to a fruit platter, frame those tempting croissants, and bring decorative delight to your table. Wrap each fruit with an elegant doily and entice your guests with a wide selection of colors and kinds of fruit. Be sure to add exotics, like kiwi, pineapple or star fruit. Place full, luscious strawberries, apples, grapes or citrus fruit, nestle them in a beautiful 6″ or 8’’ Medallion Lace White Doilies  or Gold and Silver Foil Doilies, as festive holders.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Make friends feel special – an elegant brunch with Paper Doilies

Bring the charm and hospitality of a fine inn into your own home. Lavish everyone with a sumptuous menu: eggs Benedict, French toast, croissants and delicious pastries with tempting toppings and a pitcher of fruit frappes or special fruit-blended healthy cocktails. Scones, muffins and a variety of fruitbreads should abound in a round or square (Basket doilies) doily-lined basket. Be sure to adorn each plate with fresh fruit in season. Use Royal Lace French placemats and make special, doily adorned place cards to seat each guest. Use your best dinnerware and have an elegant floral bouquet prepared with Medallion or French lace doily accents.

Paper Doilies Placemats Royal Lace

Whether the finishing touch to an attractive table setting, special food presentations or fun craft ideas, Royal Lace Doilies are the perfect way to bring it all together.

Find more ideas on how to use Royal Lace Doilies in our free downloadable brochure, The Creative Doilie

Paper Doilies by Royal Lace & Easter Recipes

Royal Lace Easter Paper Doilies go hand in hand with traditional Easter recipes.
Learn how to make Easter treats and pair them with Royal Lace doilies in a perfect table setting.

The Sunday Easter celebration starts with having a traditional meal and having the perfect table setting. For those who enjoy preparing food for their loved ones or sharing the festive meal with neighbours or friends, here is an inspiring list of traditional Easter food that can stimulate everyone’s appetite.

If cooking or baking isn’t your strong point, you can still help set the table in an impressive way. For a perfect table setting, use Royal Lace Paper Doilies and Placemats.

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional Easter sweet you can make with spices, raisins or currants that made its way from the United Kingdom to all corners of the world. You can find it in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, parts of the USA, New Zealand and more. These little bundles of deliciousness are decorated with a cross on top, symbolizing the Christian significance of Easter – Christ’s resurrection.
The buns can be placed individually in 4″ Medallion Lace Easter Doilies by Royal Lace


Paçoca is a traditional Brazilian Easter candy made with ground peanuts, sugar and salt. One can add oats, cassava or corn flour to it. Knowing how much we love peanut butter here in States, this delicious treat could easily become the sweet of choice for all peanut butter fans. Here is a twist on the traditional Paçoca recipe. Great with Royal Lace Easter Gold Foil Cups

Cozonac or Kozunak

This traditional Romanian and Bulgarian sweet is a leavened bread like the German Stollen. Almost every family has a slightly different recipe they usually pass down through the generations. Modern interpretations contain dark chocolate and lots of walnuts. Also, older recipes, more traditional but less common today, use a delicious poppy seed paste. the best placemat you can use for this wonderful treat is Royal Lace Placemats that come in White Gold or Silver foil.


A Greek sweet, butter based pastry you can make with orange juice and sesame seeds. People usually serve it on Holy Saturday. In addition, feel free to dunk these in your favorite coffee, tea or with a glass of milk. This treat works great with Royal Lace 12″ Normandy Easter Doilies.

In conclusion, with these mouthwatering treats to choose from and the variety of fine patterns and types of Easter Doilies by Royal Lace, made in the USA, use your creativity to really show off your traditional delights.

Delicate and intricate, Royal Lace White, Gold or Silver Paper Doilies for Easter will add charm and glamour to any meal. Easter Doilies, Placemats adn Baking Cups come in different sizes to fit all needs. Children will surely love the Heart Shaped Cherub Paper Doilies. They go perfectly with the occasion.
Have a peaceful, love-filled Easter!

Let Your Imagination Go – with Royal Lace Paper Doilies

… and turn any special occasion into a memorable one!

It’s a special kind of feeling when, after you’ve planned and worked hard to put together a special evening for friends and family, you take a minute to notice everyone enjoying what you have created. But it doesn’t always to be hard work – sometimes all you need is a few elegant Paper Doilies. Only Royal Lace makes the unique Medallion Lace Doilies design…a beautiful, exciting doily that you can enjoy for mere pennies.

Here are two ways to use them for your next party:

Present guests with little party favors.

Doilies were originally made from real lace but now we can enjoy them in the paper form also. Blue or Silver Paper Doilies make unexpected wrappers for favors. Place a miniature chocolate bar or other treat in the center of a round doily and fold its sides in. Thread ribbon through both sides (make slits with a utility knife firs if necessary), pull to center it and hold it in place with a sticker inscribed with a message of monogram. Fold the top and bottom of the doily over and secure with double-sided tape. Bring the ribbon end around, trim them so that they just overlap and glue ends together. Next, lay a 1 ½ inch piece of ribbon flat, bring the end in to overlap the center and glue this flat bow to the favor.

Create beauty from things that might initially appear commonplace – like a plain paper bag.

When decorated simply and then illuminated by a tiny votive candle, it casts a glow that will enchant your guests. The paper bags for these lanterns, known as luminaries, can be as basic as the familiar brown lunch bags. They can also be white, pastel, or jewel-toned, tall and narrow, or short and wide. All that before you even get started. Paper bags are easy to embellish: fold them, string them with ribbon, monogram them. Then open them and set votive holders and candles inside. Be sure that holders are made of heavy to help steady the bags; for outdoor displays, add about one inch of white sand to the bags first to weight them. The below intricate designs shining through the ivory sacks are courtesy of Gold Paper Doilies glued inside.

Luminaries present myriad decorating possibilities for all sort of special occasions – from wedding ceremonies and receptions to beach parties or romantic dinners. For weddings, use several together to line the isle, create a centerpiece, or light a path or staircase. You can also personalize individual bags to make place cards or table numbers. Placing luminaries on an outdoor staircase is another option. One way you won’t use them, however, is as guest’s favors – after all, there are those little flames inside that make them light up at night.

Creative and Fun Ways to Use Royal Lace Paper Doilies




Spring is in the air or at least on our minds and with the blue skies and sunny days comes a fresh wave of playful energy. To put that energy to good use, here are a few project ideas that you could easily put together with just a few Royal Lace Paper Doilies

Welcome in the new season by inviting family or friends over for a nice dinner or a relaxed brunch. For an elegant touch, place Medallion white paper doilies under your hors d’oeuvre platters if you plan on turning the occasion into a cocktail party. At dinner, place paper doilies under the appetizer and dessert dishes. Fresh salads and colorful vegetable based dishes go well with a spring inspired dinner party.


An easy cake decoration: after the cake has cooled, place a Medallion paper doily on top. Then sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa powder over it. Remove the doily, being careful not to disturb the lovely design left on the cake. For an added touch, place a Normandy Lace Paper Doily under the cake before serving. To keep up with the theme, serve a carrot or fruit cake drizzled with a light and refreshing lemon icing. 


Party decoration: make a parasol for your spring party. Cut circles of crepe paper a bit smaller than the paper doilies. The 4’’ French Lace Doilies from would work wonderfully. Curve one end of a straw or pipe cleaner to form an umbrella handle. Insert the other end through the center of the doily and crepe paper and tie the thread. Trim top and handle with ribbon bows and streamers. Choose bright, natural colors like green, yellow and red.

Gift wrap: design your own! Perfect for occasions like bridal or baby showers but also a great way to surprise a loved one with a spring inspired gift like a colorful scarf or a practical book on how to plant spring flowers. Choose a simple arrangement using the medallion doilies as pictured below or overlap and glue down the centers for a ruffled effect. Royal Lace Heart Doilies are also perfect accents for gifts. Use them on top of the wrapping paper or scotch-tape them under a transparent foil for a  great-looking gift.

On a more practical level, you can use paper doilies as china protectors to prevent chipping and scratching of fine china. Insert a doily, about the same size as plate, between each plate and stack them in the cabinet. We recommend using  8’’ or 10” paper doilies for dinner plates, 8” or 6’’ doilies for luncheon salad plates and cups. 5’’ Rose Embossed paper doilies for butter plates and 4’’ Medallion, French or Normandy doilies for saucers.

Use your imagination and have fun ushering in the new season.


Perfect Banana Bread Day with Royal Lace

On National Banana Bread Day, we are delighted to share a quick and easy recipe that can be whipped up for breakfast or savored as a perfect after-dinner dessert. The recipe goes perfectly with our Royal Lace Doilies.

To make this into a truly festive dessert, you can use our elegant Medallion , French or Normandy Lace Doilies or any paper doilies Royal lace has been making in the US for about 100 years, now. Royal Lace Paper Doilies and Placemats are unique – they are made through engraving with intricate dies engraved by craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century. Fall in love with these outstanding doilies!
Besides, instantly turn any dish into a spectacular meal. Use beautiful doilies under cakes, between serving plates and with coffee or tea that is integral part of your desert.
Featured below is the Medallion Lace Royal Lace Doily which is also great between plates to protect them from scratches.

Use Royal Lace Paper Doilies and add flair to your coffee of tea.







Royal Lace Doilies Go Well with the Banana Walnut Muffins

Recipe Makes 12 muffins     Baking time: 20 -25 minutes


Serve your Banana Bread Muffin on a white paper doily

  • 4 ¼ cups flour (unbleached, all-purpose)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp. baking soda
  • ½ walnut pieces, toasted
  • 2 large eggs at room temperature
  • 3 very ripe bananas
  • 1 stick butter or 1 cup canola oil
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tbsp. fine salt

You will need 12 of our Pastel Assorted Muffin Baking Cups or Gold Foil Muffin Baking Cups for baking and our exquisite Paper Lace Doilies to serve your perfect muffins.

 How to make Banana Bread Muffins:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Use a mixer to cream the butter & sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Wisk the eggs & vanilla and gradually add them in until they are fully incorporated into the creamed butter & sugar mix.
  4. Cut the bananas in pieces, mash them up using a fork and add them in – don’t worry if the mixture looks a bit curdled
  5. In a separate bowl, mix together all dry ingredients – flour, salt, chocolate,     baking soda – add them into the liquid mixture
  6. Fold in the walnut pieces
  7. Using a bit of butter or oil, lightly grease the Royal Lace Baking Cups and,     using  a spoon, gently transfer the mixture into the baking cups
  8. Place the filled cups in a baking tray. Place the tray in the oven, on the         middle rack
  9. Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center of the muffin comes out clean, around 20 – 25 minutes
  10. Take the tray out and let the muffins cool. Remove muffins and place them on medium-size serving dishes.

Add a bit of flair to your serving dishes with our delicate  Floral Lace Paper Doilies      or elegant  Normandy Paper Lace Doilies, a beautiful and elegant way to help you turn an easy to make dessert into a festive looking, eye-catching, mouth-watering treat for your family on National Banana Bread Day or any other day.

Make Your Valentine Feel Special. Go Gold This Year!




Valentine’s Day has been around for more than three centuries now and, every year, we all pretty much know what to expect or hope for – heaps of heart shaped chocolate boxes, armfuls of roses, stacks of greeting cards, all swimming in a sea of happy, cheerful reds and pinks. At, we love them all but here’s a crazy thought for 2017 – what if we ditch the red and go gold this year?

Photo Gold-Heart-Foil-Royal-Lace-Paper-Doilies-4-TheRoyalstore-com-L_TheRoyalStore


We know what you’re thinking, red is the color of love but we’ve been reading up and found that gold is also associated with love, illumination, magic and, yes, passion. Just like the metal, gold can make you think of wealth and prosperity but also sparkle, glitz and glamour or perhaps “a heart of gold”? Moreover, wouldn’t you want your Valentines’ gift to stand out among the reds and pinks? Wouldn’t you want to make your Valentine feeling like he or she is like gold to you?

Whether you’re buying or hand crafting your Valentine cards and gifts this year, make a strong impression instantly with a glamorous gold envelope and make the feeling last by wrapping your gift in one of our elegant, intricate and delicate ivory or gold lace heart paper doilies.

If you are not feeling particularly romantic this year, it’s worth noting that February 14th is also alternately celebrated as Single’s Day (China) or Friend’s Day (Finland) so you might want to treat yourself or send a few words of appreciation to friends and family – you can do that by using our cheery Geographics design paper or our lovely, delicate butterfly themed envelopes.

Photo Sweet-Day-No-10-Envelopes-4-13-x-9-5-Geographics-TheRoyalstore-com-L_TheRoyalStore

No matter who you might be reaching out to, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year (after Christmas) for sending cards & gifts and, statistically, most of them are purchased in the six days prior to the holiday so, for all you procrastinators out there, this is the perfect time to do your Valentine’s Day shopping.

How to Use Paper Doilies for Any Occasion

Paper-Doilies-Royal-LaceOdds are you’ve probably seen paper doilies used as decorations for a formal event, such as adorning tables or food displays.  The truth is that you can actually do a lot with paper doilies outside of using them for party decorations.  Paper doilies emerged out of the centuries-old tradition of crocheting or weaving doilies into elegant patterns using fabrics like lace, silk and cotton.  Nowadays, they are pressed from paper into shape using a hand-engraved die.  As a result, you are left with an elegant but inexpensive doily that you can use for decorating just about anything.  Royal Lace® features a wide selection of paper doilies, sold in packs and also in bulk, all made in the USA.

Paper doilies can be a very versatile material when it comes to decorative and crafting purposes.  First, you should decide how you plan on using the doilies.  If you intend to use them as they are in full form, browse online to find a pattern that you like best. offers a wide selection of patterns such as French Lace doilies, Normandy Lace doilies, Medallion Lace foil doilies, and Heart Lace foil doilies.  In bulk cases, you can also find Royal Lace ® doilies in Christmas Lace, square Basket Lace, Gothic Oval Lace and Rose Linen Embossed styles.  No matter which style you choose, using doilies will give your next party or project a classy touch.

Paper doilies can do a lot to spruce up both casual and formal projects.  A great place for using doilies is in the classroom.  They serve as an excellent arts and crafts material for kids and are also fantastic for seasonal classroom or office decorations.  Simply cut some doilies in half and you can use them to make a festive border a bulletin board.  Doilies can also work well for scrapbook decorations; try using them as backgrounds for your favorite letters, photos, and other memories!  If you want to add an impressive touch to a table setting, you can use a single paper doily to fashion a rose or another type of flower.  If you put your mind to it, you can use doilies in plenty of unique ways.

At, paper doilies are not just quality decorations, they’re also a piece of history.  By using Royal Lace® doilies, you’ll be getting a great product and be supporting a US business at the same time.

About Royal Lace® Paper Doilies

Lacework of the 15th Century Is Simulated

Belgian and French Designs Engraved on Paper Doilies
Article published in The New York Times, MONDAY, MAY 6, 1963.

Belgian and French Designs Engraved on Paper Doilies

Reproductions of priceless 15th century France and Belgium, many of them museum pieces, are appearing on 20th century dining room tables these days. They are in the form of white, gold and silver paper doilies, made through engraving skills rare in this country.

The handiwork of lace-makers of a bygone era is being reproduced in simulated lace for the Royal Lace Paper division of Standard Packaging Corporation by Fred Dittman, former Berlin engraver. Mr. Dittman has been fashioning intricate cylindrical steel dies for paper dies for Standard Packaging since 1930.

Engraving, one of the world’s oldest professions, is also a rapidly disappearing art. Only a handful of the craftsmen remain, in this country. Their work is demanding, time-consuming and painstaking.

It takes Fred Dittman from one to five months to complete a single die for turning out doilies, depending on the intricacy of the lace design. Lace is a delicate open-work fabric or network of threads of linen, silk or cotton. To simulate the patterns on paper, a die must be carved both to perforate and to give a plaited-thread texture such as enriches real lace.

Chemical processes are used to produce engravings for many purposes, but to make dies that will reproduce on paper historical lace designs from Europe requires skills cutting and embossing by hand.

Mr. Dittman makes and owns as his own tools. The dies he has shaped in the past 30 years, valued at more than $1,000,000 are stacked by the score at Royal Lace’s plant in Fort Wayne, In.

Each die produces literally millions of doilies. The paper lace doilies known as “Roylies,” are turned out in square, round, clover, heart and rectangular shapes and in a wide variety of sizes.

They are part of the Standard packaging line of throwaway paper products, which includes napkins, placemats, plastic-coated plates, cups, bowls and tissues. The company’s 28 divisions also make paper, plastic and foil packaging for the food processing industry.

This article was published in The New York Times on MONDAY, MAY 6, 1963.

After so many years, the Royal Lace® paper doilies are still being manufactured by the Royal Lace division using the dies crafted at the beginning of the 20th century by engravers like Fred Dittman. Our Royal Lace® doilies are and remain among the most beautiful lace doilies in the world. They have become a historic testimony of the old times’ beauty and refinement. Call them “antique doilies” or “Royal doilies”. Today, Royal Lace® and Royal Brites® are brands of Royal Consumer Products, llc, a consumer paper products company owned by Mafcote, Inc.
Mafcote Inc. now, a 3rd generation of business owners, continues the tradition of the over 100 year old business, giving the US market the best and the most innovative paper products. Besides the beautiful Royal Lace® paper doilies, the Royal Brites® poster board, a market leader, comes in plain and fluorescent or neon colors. The new TwoCool Colors™ poster board concept, two different colors in one poster board sheet is one of the many Mafcote patented concepts. Royal Brites®  has launched a new Display Board and Display Accessories line. A broad line of ink jet and photo paper consisting of recreational, business and photo paper for home, school and office is also available under the Royal Brites® brand name.
All Royal Lace® and Royal Brites® paper products are available at

Belgian and French Designs Engraved on Paper Doilies