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In the classroom, awards such as handmade school certificates can go far to encourage children to do their best.  School and kids certificates can be made quickly and easily using printable certificates.  If desired you can add physical touches such as calligraphy or stickers to make your awards more personal, but you will save the most time by creating your overall design digitally.  With the right tools and materials, you can make professional-looking certificates in minutes.

Online, you can find the widest selection of printable school certificates.  If you want to make traditional awards, look for parchment or non-parchment printable certificates with a filigree border; you can easily find them in basic colors like blue, green, burgundy, gold, or silver.  However, if you are making certificates for younger students, using a school-themed certificate design will add a fun, celebratory mood to the occasion.  School certificates are available designs that show achievement in a special school subject or activity, such as sports certificates.

If you are shopping in an office supply store, you are likely to find printable school certificates in the standard 8.5”x11” letter size.  However, online you will also see 2UP and 3UP certificate varieties which have two and three certificate per sheet, respectively.  Smaller certificates may appeal to younger children and they are also perfect for gift certificates!  Furthermore, they can save you time when printing your awards.

You can create school certificates using many digital methods.  If you are using 8.5”x11” certificates, you can design your own template with ease in a program such as MS Word.  Simply orient your document accordingly (traditional certificates are oriented landscape), type your message using your preferred font(s), add any digital embellishments such as clip art or a logo, and then print!  Alternatively, you can use a free award certificate template from an outside source; downloadable templates can be found online stationery retailers.  The benefit of using pre-made templates is that they offer a structured layout in which to enter the content for your certificate, preventing printing errors.  Furthermore, they are often available free of charge!

Giving students school certificates is a great way of positively reinforcing hard work and good behavior.  The iClickn’Print Design Center, a program offered to customers of, can help you create classy awards and other stationery with the help of templates and design tools.  DIY and save!

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