Christmas Dove Decoration

dove decoration geographics
Dove Decoration TheRoyalStore

Materials Needed:

Buy Royal Lace Paper Doilies


  1. Adhere satin to poster board using fusible web and following manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Enlarge pattern shown to measure 8 1/2″ from tip of beak to tail.
  3. dove decoration pattern geographics 1
    Dove Decoration Pattern TheRoyalStore
  4. Transfer to satin covered poster board and cut out.
  5. Spread a thin layer of glue over back of Medallion dolly with small foam brush and place on top of the dove.
  6. Trim away excess doily that extends past edges of dove shape.
  7. Glue pearl in place for eye.
  8. Use 12″ of satin ribbon on dove back as hanger. Use remaining ribbon to place around neck and tie a bow.
  9. Fold 1/2″ trim in half lengthwise and glue along bottom of dove, folding ends to back of
  10. dove for a finished appearance.
  11. Cut 2″ section from remaining doily pieces and wrap around 10 create dove’s beak.
  12. Fan fold 8″ French dolly. Trim bottom from fan so it measures 6 inches long. Glue this on top center of dove for the wing and fluff folds.

Also you can use the iClicknPrint Design Center project.

You can use this dove in multiples for wedding decorations. Hang from ceiling or in front of window as shown. They would look great over the gift table!

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