Community Project Proposal

Learn how to display a convincing Community Project Proposal, using Tri-Fold Foam Board from Royal Brites!


How to Create “Community Proposal” Project:





  1. Research ways to improve your community and create a convincing pitch.
  2. Print your slides and check the layout or go to and use pre-made templates.
  3. Arrange the items on the Foam Board and glue them in place. Use Royal Brites poster board to create the shapes that go perfectly with your project.
  4. Add Black Velvet Vinyl Characters to create an elegant headline.
  5. Decorate your project with the final pieces.
  6. Display your tri-fold project and delight your audience!



– Foam Board White Tri-Fold Project, 22″x28″

– Alpha-Numeric Black Velvet Vinyl Characters 2.5″

– Poster Board Dark Green, 14″x22″

– Glitter Poster Board Paper<

– Project Board Shapes

  • paper glue

  • scissors

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