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Did you know that you can use printable gift certificates to design and print fun, speedy gift awards right from your home or office computer?   Printable certificates are a unique material that come in many designs and sizes for any occasion.  Printable gift are often found in a 3UP format, which features three certificates per 8.5”x11” sheet separated by perforated lines.  By creating your own gift certificates, you can save money and efficiently make gift awards that are customized for your school or business!

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When shopping online, you are sure to find a vast assortment of printable gift certificates.  Traditional certificates feature a filigree design in professional colors like blue, gold, red, green, or silver.  However you may be able to find gift certificates with school and other themed designs, which make excellent rewards for children.   Keep in mind your digital design plans when buying a pack of printable gift certificates.  It’s in your digital design where you’ll truly be able to bring your gift certificates to life.

Designing a gift certificate can be as simple or as detailed a process as you want it to be, and there are a variety of helpful tools you can use to help you meet your needs.  Since standard printable certificates come in an 8.5”x11” size, you can easily create a large gift certificate in a program like Microsoft Word.  However, if you are using smaller size 8.5”x3.66” or 3UP gift certificates, using a certificate template can go far in facilitating the design and printing process.  Free downloadable stationery templates can be found from many sources on the web, so if you choose to download a template make sure your source is reputable, such as an online stationery store.  Design software, such as the iClickn’Print Design Center offered by, is another certificate-making tool that offers more design options than a basic MS Word template.

If you are pressed for time, you can simply write your message and print your gift certificates.  However, adding both digital and physical embellishments will increase the visual appeal of your awards and also make a great impression on your gift recipients.  For example, if you are making certificates for your school or business, adding a digital logo image to your design is a great way to customize them.  You can also add pictures and clip art to add to the celebratory mood!  Post-printing, why not adorn your gift certificates with stickers, seals, ribbons, and other decorations?  Finally, presenting your gift certificates in document covers or certificate envelopes will make your award ceremony all the more significant!

Use printable gift certificates and save!

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