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Deciding how to create company business cards is an important consideration when you are starting a business because different designs can give your contacts different impressions of your company. While splurging on cards may seem like it will pay off, the truth is that you don’t have to empty your wallet to make memorable and professional-looking business cards. Instead of ordering cards, using printable business cards to make your own cards will let you add a personal element to your business cards while saving you money.

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When making your own company business cards, you’ll first want to look for a set of printable business cards that will fit the feel of your company.  Unless you are creating seasonal or special occasion business cards, it may be best to go with a clean, simple design.  In general, this is also recommended when designing other types of office stationery like business letterhead because the focus should be on the information your document is providing.  Some different types of printable business cards include design business cards, embossed business cards, foil business cards, and blank business cards.  Printable business cards can also come in a matte or glossy finish.  Prior to purchasing printable business cards make sure that they will work with the type of printer you have at home.  Some types may work better with an inkjet printer than a laser printer, or vice versa.

Ordering company business cards can be a costly service, but you can easily use online resources to inexpensively make personalized business cards for your company.  Free business card templates are an excellent tool because they feature guidelines to help you design and print your cards.  Stationery design programs are an alternative option.  For example, the online design program iClickn’Print offers a variety of artistic features to provide an in-depth and hands-on experience designing your cards.  Features include a text editor with a wide selection of fonts and colors, a shape and lines creator, complimentary clip art, and a tool to upload your own photos or other content.  With a bit of searching, you can find many online options to help you craft your cards.  To protect your computer as well as your information, be sure that any template or program you download is from a secure and reputable source, such as a professional stationery retailer.

Making business cards for your company will help you make a personal impression on your business contacts without spending a lot of money.  With a bit of creativity, you can use printable business cards to convey your company’s goals in a personal and attractive way.

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