What is Display Board?

what is display board

Display board is a useful presentation material that comes in several versatile styles. Typically, you’ll see display board in a tri-fold style which can stand up and easily display to your viewers, but you can also create a display using poster board or foam board. Display board is ideal for school projects and science fair presentations as well as displays for community and business events. By creating a visual display, you will attract more viewers and be able to convey your information more clearly. TheRoyalStore.com offers a wide selection of display board styles and board supplies to help you make a successful presentation.

Display board can be made from many materials, but it is most commonly made using foam or cardboard.  Poster board is a great choice for making signs and other displays that you need to post or tack onto a wall or bulletin board.  It comes in a large variety of colors and sizes so you can create a unique and eye-catching project.  Foam board is a flat but stiff type of display board, so it is sturdy enough to hold a large amount of content.  Since foam board is essentially two sheets of poster board secured with a foam center, you can tack the contents of your project onto your foam board rather than having to glue it or tape it.  This is a convenient feature if you plan on rearranging the contents of your display board or reusing it in the future.

TheRoyalStore.com features an extensive selection of tri-fold display board options.

You can find tri-fold foam and project board in standard colors as well as creative styles.  One example is the Royal Brites® 2Cool™ heavy duty tri-fold project board which features a different color on the front and back side.  The 2Cool™ color combinations include red-on-white, yellow-on-white, black-on-white, and basic white-on-white.  Another option is the Royal Brites® tri-fold grid board which features small gridlines to help you organize your content precisely.  The grid lines are invisible from a distance so you’ll be able to keep your presentation looking clean and professional.  Also, be sure to explore board supplies for your project, such as adhesive letters and borders, to help you make an original display.

Using a quality display board with versatile board supplies will help you create an intriguing and memorable project.  Check out TheRoyalStore.com for a great selection of display board!

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