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Doily Luminarias

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To the Bride and Groom, nothing seems ordinary on their wedding day. They find beauty in things that might otherwise appear commonplace – like a plain paper bag.
When decorated simply and then illuminated by a tiny votive candle, it casts a glow that will enchant bride, groom and guests alike.
The paper bags for these lanterns, known as luminarias, can be as basic as the familiar brown lunch sacks.
They can also be white, pastel or jewel-toned, tall and narrow or short and wide. All that before you even get started.

Materials Needed:


  1. Fold them, string them with ribbon, monogram them.
  2. Then, open them and set votive holders and candles inside.
    Be sure the holders are mode of heavy glass to help steady the bags; for outdoor displays add about 1” of white sand to the bag first to weight them. Luminarias present myriad decorating possibilities for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Use several together to line the aisle, create a centerpiece or light a path or staircase.
You can also personalize individual bags to make place cards or table numbers.
One way you won’t want to use them, however, is as guests’ favors – after all, there are those little flames inside that make them light up the night.

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