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Doily Place Cards

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Materials Needed:


  • Royal Lace® medallion doily
  • Geographics place card
  • Glue
  • An all-white reception table abounds with paper-lace ornaments.
  • A row of enchanting luminaria (top-left) is composed of large glass candle holders surrounded by screens made from square and rectangular doilies mounted on sturdy translucent vellum.
  • A waxed round doily rests beneath a glass charger.
  • The calligraphic place cards sandwiched between paper lace disks.


  1. Fold 2 ½” diameter round doilies in half, right sides in; fix the back half of each doily to either the front or back of the calligraphic place card with a glue stick and fold down other halves to make a base, affixing a 2” diameter round label to the underside for stability; stand the charming result on top the plate.
  2. A flower girl in an eyelet dress holds a nosegay of blue hydrangeas in a prim doily cuff; flowers made of trimmed and gathered doilies enhance the bouquet and the barrette in her hair.