Doily Rosebud

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Doily Rosebund

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Materials Needed:

• Floral tape & floral wire
• Transparent Tape
• Green Paper 8.5 x 11”
1 Royal Lace® medallion doily
• (optional) ribbons for tying into bouquet


  1. Cut 8” doily in half. Cut in half again (parallel to first cut). Take the longest strip and cut a loosely scalloped edge on the longest side.
  2. Take your length of wire and loop over on end about 1 ½”. Wrap tightly with about 1” of floral tape.
  3. Beginning with a short “lace end” of your strip, gather and pleat the unscalloped long edge around the wire (about 1 ½” down from your covered loop).
  4. Gathers should be loose so that the bud begins to form. The remaining short “lace end” creates one last lacy petal. Add leaves in same manner described for carnation. You may curl ends of leaves over your finger for more realistic look.

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