Easy Design Tool for School Science Projects

science project board1
science project board1

It’s science fair time again. Time to find out how dolphins communicate with each other or if temperature affects a tennis ball’s bounce. Your child probably has grand ideas for an science project experiment that is going to blow everyone away and will leave you cleaning the kitchen counters for a week. Do your part to make jaws drop by making sure that they have the right materials to make their presentation as stunning as their experiments.

iClickn’Print, in conjunction with Royal Brites, offers high-quality science projects materials such as project boards including the standard tri-fold board. Tri-fold boards come in a variety of colors including black, white, red and yellow. They also come in a number of sizes so that you can personalize your project and tailor it to fit your vision. Our boards are sturdy and rugged. They will survive a rough trip to school on a crowded bus and still make a big impression when your child proudly sets it up at the fair.

Using the iClickn’Print Design Center, you and your child can easily design an award-winning project. Add graphs, charts and tables to your design to make your data pop. Print everything on your own home printer and easily affix your printed pieces to the display board’s smooth surface. If you need extra space, we also offer poster boards that can be designed on iClickn’Print, printed on your printer and used as an additional visual aid in your child’s presentation. If you need help designing your project board or just need a walk through the process, take a look at our how-to video that will answer all your questions.

Choose iClickn’Print for great science projects!

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