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Materials Needed:



  1. Fold gold foil heart in half and fan fold (from bottom point of heart up to the lop).
  2. Gather and scrunch center of heart together and secure with a piece of floral wire.
  3. Cut a 3” length from purple twisted craft paper. Zig-zag cut the ends. Twist in center to create a bow and attach to center of foil heart with glue.
  4. Tie a 14” piece or 1/8” satin ribbon around center and make an attractive bow.
  5. String four pearls together with jewelry wire and glue to center of bow.
  6. Attach barrette to back of creation with glue gun.


  1. Cut an interesting poster board shape and cover with purple foil. Cut a 2 ½” section. From gold foil 4″ doily and glue to foil shape.
  2. Loop and glue gold rick rack to shape. Center and glue pearl to front and pin to back center of creation.

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