Foam Board for Display Projects

Foam Board Cork White Royal Brites
Foam Board Cork White Royal Brites

Foam board is usually the go-to material for people who are looking to make a quality home or school display projects. Why do people choose foam board for projects? It is tough and reliable during the construction of the display project, but sleek and clean-looking when you finish sticking and re-sticking all of the images and print-outs you plan to present. Many store brands of foam board lack the variety you may need to catch the eyes of your viewers. Learn about your options at! With Royal Brites foam board, you don’t have to settle for just the basics. It comes in two sizes, 20”x30” and 22”x28” and in different colors and patterns.

Christmas Foam Board Red Green 2 Cool Colors Royal Brites
Christmas Foam Board Red Green 2 Cool Colors Royal Brites

Choose the Two Cool Colors Foam Board sheets, that are double-sided and come in a variety of fun colors so you can get the most out of your display project. Save space and money by using both the front and the back of the foam board sheet for the same project or two different projects in one sheet! Foamboard Two Cool Colors comes in either a tri-fold or flat style and in two color types: fluorescent neon and primary colors. Whether you’re using the board for a school project, a yard sale sign or for a fun party idea, you and your audience will love Royal Brites’ colorful foam board. At you can buy Royal Brites Foam Board Two Cool Colors in a 3-pack, 5-pack, or a 10-pack, so you can have your favorite foam board color combinations on hand for future projects.

Foam Board Black Gridboard 11"x14" Royal Brites
Foam Board Black Grid board 11″x14″ Royal Brites
Working on a presentation or a foam model that needs precision cutting? also offers gridboard foam board – a foam board sheet that has very fine lines that disappear from a distance. Use this for extra precision. Also, look for the sturdy, double-wall corrugated firm board if your projects have to stand up to tasks like cutting, stenciling, and sticking on materials. Our grid board and firm foam board come in several sizes and can be sold in bulk, (from 3 per pack and up to 24 per pack) so you can order exactly how much foam board you’ll need for your next project.
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