Fonts for Business Cards

5 Tips to help you choose great fonts for your business cards.
You have the logo, you know what color palette you want to use, and you have all your business information.
You’re now ready to print your business cards, right? Maybe not.
If you haven’t given serious thought to the font that you will use for your business cards, you are missing a very important step.
Fonts conveys much more than the written message including emotion and personality.
Make sure that your business cards are sending the right message by choosing the perfect font.

So, how do you choose the perfect font for your business cards?
Answer these five questions:

What font works best for you
What font works best for you

1. What type of font do you use in other marketing materials?

Each business has a brand or identity. Brand is built through the combination of space, color, and design. For iconic companies such as Coca-Cola and Adidas, a signature font has become interchangeable with the company’s identities. Keep your font uniform across marketing materials to ensure that your brand is easily recognizable.

2. What are your business’ personality traits?

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, and felt like you were greeting an old friend? If you have, you recognized that shop’s personality. The decor of a business, employees, and logo all contribute company personality. Think about the adjectives that best describe your business and then type them out, using potential fonts to get a sense of how the text’s personality meshes with your brand. Do you own a candy shop that is fun and colorful? Lean towards a bright color palette and a script font for your marketing materials. However, if you’re a criminal defense attorney, your card should reflect the professional and trustworthy personality befitting of that position. Consider a muted color palette and a strong font, most likely a serif font.

3. How do you want people to feel when they look at your business card?

Alongside personality is the emotion that your business stirs in your clients. Some companies need their clients to feel happy and excited in order for their product to sell. Others encounter clients or customers that seek support or must be taken care of. The font you choose for your marketing materials communicates emotion before a potential customer ever sets foot inside your office.

4. How much text is going to be included on your card?

If your card is going to contain your name and contact information only, you will be able to use a larger size font. If you plan to include additional information such as your company’s mission statement, you may have to scale down the size of the text. Legibility is the ability to distinguish between different characters at different sizes. One font may be perfectly legible at 10pt type, while another is extremely hard to read. Before settling on a font and designing your card around that choice, make sure that your chosen font is legible at the size you will need to use.

5. Who is your target audience?

Knowing your target audience can take you a long way when you are faced with choosing a font to compliment your design vision. Younger audiences are more likely to be drawn to trendy, modern font and design, while older audiences may be drawn to traditional, well-known fonts.

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In the end, the font you pick will be one way that you silently communicate with current customers and potential customers. Make sure you pick a font that makes them pay attention.


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