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2 up note card template geographics
2 up note card template geographics

Using free templates for cards is a new breakthrough in the process of at-home card-making. Thanks to advances in technology, creating and printing your own business cards, greeting cards, post cards, note cards, thank you cards, etc., using editable, pre-formatted templates, has become a breeze. offers two kinds of free templates for all Geographics® blank or design printable cards, invitations and more, to help you turn your card-making ideas into reality at zero cost.

  • Free Word Templates for cards open the template files directly in Microsoft Word, so you can edit the contents of the template using all of your favorite Word features.  Take advantage of the page which offers complimentary clip art and wording by theme and holiday. Look for the links that contain the phrase “Clip Art and Wording”. Find the kind of wording or clip art you need and use it. You can make changes to the wording or just accept it as it is. Best of all, you save the free card templates on your computer and use them again and again. The only disadvantage to the Word templates is that you may have to gather things from more than one place. Once you learn the path, you will be able to make and print your cards fast and easy. What a relief!
  • While all templates for cards are free and easy-to-use, consider creating an account on iClicnPrint for a more visual card-making experience.  iClicknPrint is the free design program that lets you search for the card templates you need, personalize them, add Clip Art and Wording and make up to 10 different card styles in one album, all in one place. You can create as many albums as you wish and save your card templates online for later use, free of charge!  When you log back on, you will choose from a list of saved templates and start working on them or you can create a brand new album project. iClicknPrint is created as a highly visual and user-friendly software to add value to Geographics® designer stationery,  blank cards, letterhead, photo paper and other paper products sold in stores or online.
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Take advantage of the iClicknPrint features such as Fonts and Colors for your text (the hover over feature is so cool…), Shapes and Lines, (they can be colored inside and out!), Card Layouts and Free Templates ready-made for business cards, mailing labels and other difficult items. iClicknPrint will let you create, for free, professional cards that will parallel any card printing service.

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