Make Your Own Glossy Photos


Traditionally developed glossy photos hold a lot of significance for many people.  Even though photography is moving more and more towards the digital age, nothing can compare to holding a physical photo, creating an album or scrapbook of your memories and being able to bring it out years later. Due to the latest technology, it’s possible to get the professional look and feel of developed glossy photos without leaving your home.  Printing photos from your own computer using photo paper and a photo printer is a low cost activity that will also give you complete control over how you want your photos to look.

In order to print professional-looking glossy photos, it is imperative to use a printer that is optimized for photo printing.  There are several types of photo printers to choose from, but inkjet printers have become a popular choice since they are affordable, easy to use and reliable.  In addition, many manufacturers of photo paper offer the most options for inkjet printers.

When it comes to actually printing your photos, there are countless methods to do it.

No matter your computer’s operating system, you will likely have a picture viewing program already installed, or possibly even a photo editing program.  Most of these programs let you select a photo and print it in a few clicks—once in the print menu, you will be prompted to select your photo paper size, your photo printing settings and any other options you wish.  You may even be able to print directly from your camera.  In any case, refer to your equipment’s instruction manual to learn how to best go about printing your photos.  I can highly recommend the software at – it will help you create amazing photo projects for free!

To ensure that your photos look like traditional photos, all you need is a good quality premium glossy photo paper.  Glossy paper features a smooth, protective coating that will not only preserve your photos but also give them a classy appearance.  Glossy Premium Photo paper is thicker than everyday glossy paper and it gives more professional results.  Most importantly, it is also designed specifically to produce great color and image resolution for your photos.  Everyday Glossy photo paper is an excellent material for beginners who are working on casual photo projects.  If you need to use photo paper for a professional project and are concerned about image quality, then I recommend that you try the professional photo paper and you will have the guarantee that your photos will be longer lasting and of a far superior quality.

Printing glossy photos from home is a money-saving process and a rewarding one because it is easy to learn and also fun! and have a great selection of US made photo paper at affordable prices.

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