Poster Board Projects with iClicknPrint

PosterBoard Ultra Brite Trippy Gold Iridescent

Wondering how to make successful poster board projects without a lot of effort?

You found the answer.  Use iClick’nPrint for help with your Poster Board projects and get them done professionally and in no time at all!
Choose your Poster Board size and choose Landscape or Portrait Orientation.

You will be asked to select the size of your prinetr paper so you can download the pdf that will print that size.

You can either layer the sheets on the poster or cut out letters and designs and glue them onto the poster/
Under Templates- left side, look for templates to start or start your project from scratch.

Use these most useful iClick’nPrint features that offer ready-made  material to use for your poster project.
You can modify any ready made text or delete clip art and add your own at any time.

Look on the left navigation menu under

  1.  Suggested Wording – Poster Board and make your choice of wording;
  2.  Clip Art – Poster Board and make your choice of clip art or word art.
  3.  Shapes and Lines – use them heavily; change the color of the inside of the shape and of its border from edit.
    Do not forget to upload your own images from your computer and to create your own messages using Add text box.

If you are using color poster board, especially neon poster board, we recommend that you print out your pages on a transparency sheet.
The safest way for the outdoor use is to print the sheet after having formatting the text to a Mirror format (you can click the Mirror icon after you have highlighted the text).
Your message will be protected from rain since the ink is inside.
If you choose to print on white sheets of paper for your school projects or science fair projects, we recommend that use easy to read fonts like Arial or Times new Roman and a 12-14 font size. For Poster Board project Titles, Use the Stencil fonts or any other interesting fonts.

Mark your text, click on Fonts Hover over and see which font is the fittest.

If you plan on using color paper for your poster board project, especially one that is intended to grab attention, I highly recommend the Royal Brites Fluorescent Neon Paper for a dramatic effect. You can also use any color paper especially if you are using it on white or black poster board.

You can cut pieces of text after printing them and glue or staple them onto the poster board sheet. You can create your own borders and print them or you can use Royal Brites adhesive borders.

Save your project for future use.

Creating a nice poster board project has never been easier.  Combine iClick’nPrint print free personalization software with Display Board Accessories – Royal Brites Project Works Poster Board accessories line, consisting of markers in 2 Cool Fluorescent Neon colors, adhesive and removable Poster borders, lacing borders, letters and numbers in paper vinyl black, white and Fluorescent Neon colors, stencils and shapes etc. Look for Royal Brites Project Works posterboard accessories.
See our full line of Royal Brites® Project Works Poster board project accessories to create outstanding Poster Board projects.

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