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Learning how to make a business card yourself may seem like a difficult task, but it has many advantages over ordering business cards for your company. When making your own business cards, you have complete say over the design process. Furthermore, using your own creativity to make a business card ensures that your company will be represented exactly as you want. offers iClickn’Print, a free online design program that makes business card creation a convenient and cost-effective process. iClickn’Print lets you make your own business card templates, work on and print up to ten at a time, and save them so you can conveniently print out business cards when you need them—anywhere, anytime.

The best way to begin making a business card starts with choosing a quality business card stock. offers several categories of business cards including blank business cards, embossed business cards, foil business cards, and design business cards. The cards you pick will send a distinct impression to your business contacts, so choose business cards that appropriately reflect your business.

All business cards from are made with tough 65lb card stock and will stand up to the wear and tear of business card handling.

iClickn’Print gives you access to a variety of design options to learn how to make a business cards in a creative, hands-on way. Once you open iClickn’Print, you’ll be able to choose a blank template to create your business card from scratch or choose a pre-made template.  In the “Backgrounds” menu, click on “Cards”, then “Cards on 8.5×11 Paper”, and then “Business Cards” to pick out a business card template.

Business card templates in iClickn’Print display as 8.5”x11” sheets with perforated business cards.  Once you have your template, go to “Suggested Wording” and choose a text layout under “Business Cards”. This will give you a series of text boxes, one for each business card on your template sheet. Simply edit the first text box with your own content, make sure that box is selected, and then use the “Synchronize All” feature to copy your text onto the rest of the business cards in your sheet.

You can edit your text using an assortment of fonts and colors, create shapes and lines for decoration, and even import your own images or a company logo to make your business cards more personal. Best of all, you can edit and print up to ten business card sheets at a time—this is perfect if you’re working on business cards for several employees or if you need to print your business cards in bulk.

Once you work with iClickn’Print, you’ll see exactly how fast and easy making your own business cards can be. Visit for a versatile business card selection—we offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

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