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Paper Doilies Royal Lace

Odds are you’ve probably seen paper doilies used as decorations for a formal event, such as adorning tables or food displays. The truth is that you can actually do a lot with paper doilies outside of using them for party decorations.  Paper doilies emerged out of the centuries-old tradition of crocheting or weaving doilies into elegant patterns using fabrics like lace, silk and cotton. Nowadays, they are pressed from paper into shape using a hand-engraved die. As a result, you are left with an elegant but inexpensive doily that you can use for decorating just about anything. Royal Lace® features a wide selection of paper doilies, sold in packs and also in bulk, all made in the USA.

Paper doilies can be a very versatile material when it comes to decorative and crafting purposes.  First, you should decide how you plan on using the doilies.  If you intend to use them as they are in full form, browse online to find a pattern that you like best. offers a wide selection of patterns such as French Lace doilies, Normandy Lace doilies, Medallion Lace foil doilies, and Heart Lace foil doilies.  In bulk cases, you can also find Royal Lace ® doilies in Christmas Lace, square Basket Lace, Gothic Oval Lace and Rose Linen Embossed styles.  No matter which style you choose, using doilies will give your next party or project a classy touch.

Paper doilies can do a lot to spruce up both casual and formal projects.

A great place for using doilies is in the classroom.  They serve as an excellent arts and crafts material for kids and are also fantastic for seasonal classroom or office decorations.  Simply cut some doilies in half and you can use them to make a festive border a bulletin board.  Doilies can also work well for scrapbook decorations; try using them as backgrounds for your favorite letters, photos, and other memories!  If you want to add an impressive touch to a table setting, you can use a single paper doily to fashion a rose or another type of flower.  If you put your mind to it, you can use doilies in plenty of unique ways.

At, paper doilies are not just quality decorations, they’re also a piece of history.  By using Royal Lace® doilies, you’ll be getting a great product and be supporting a US business at the same time.

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