IClicknPrint Hug Some Bunny Labels

easter bunny
easter bunny

Let some bunny know how much you love them this Easter with a Hug Some Bunny Labels – perfect for your kids to share with friends and relatives – or to create their own art project!

Easter is a magical time for your children. After all with cute chicks and bunnies, a family dinner and all the candy they can eat, there are few days that get better than Easter for a kid. Who are we kidding? It’s just as fun for adults! We get to see their bright smiles when they nibble off the chocolate rabbit ear, and raid the baskets for peeps once they go to bed. Overall, it’s just a great day.

All kids love stickers! You can create the sticker labels quickly and easily with iClicknPrint’s Custom Mailing Labels templates in the Online Design Center. Our templates feature clip art, colors, borders and so much more!

The goal for this project is to create a festive holiday label, so you can steal a hug from your kids and they can share or create their own projects.

Here is what you’ll need for bunny labels:

Geographics Mailing Labels (click here to find where to purchase)

That’s It!

Now you’re ready to create a Hug Some Bunny labels!

It’s easy to start creating! Simply log on to the iClicknPrint website you can access free templates online. Your labels can include graphics, photos, and text, anything you like! Of course for this project, we suggest you include the phrase Hug Some Bunny on your labels to share with your family. Anyone can use a good hug now and again, right?

Not sure what to do?  Check out the Customize Mailing Labels demo video.  The video will walk you through the process step-by-step.  You can print individual labels with a different custom design for each one – or create a single splendid design for the whole sheet.

After designing and printing your labels, it is time to share them!

Just like that, you’ve earned yourself a snugly squeeze! Stick one on someone you love…or on a postcard, envelope, letter, art project, Easter basket and so on!

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