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Awards Certificates Iclicknprint
Awards Certificates Iclicknprint

Reward somebody today!

Milestones are so important, and as we all know, the time with our kids seems to fly by so quickly.  It’s important to take a moment and celebrate every achievement we can with our kids.  As Graduation nears, let your children know how much you appreciate their hard work.  In fact, you don’t have to stop there – you can show your appreciation for teachers, coaches, co-workers and more.  With iClicknPrint no effort has to go unrecognized anymore!  With free award templates, recognition awards and certificate templates creating a high quality special award or certificate is as easy as point, click, and print!

Things you will need to create your own Graduation Certificate templates or Recognition Award:

1 Package of Certificate Paper from Geographics

  • Certificate paper is 8.5”x 11” or A4.
  • Geographics offers both parchment and non-parchment options
printable certificate iclicknprint
Printable Certificate Iclicknprint
39086 Unique Red certificate iclicknprint
Unique Red Certificate Iclicknprint


  • Once you have purchased all of the Geographics items you need, it’s time to decide just how to recognize your little scholar with a diploma for preschool, elementary school or high school students that they will treasure for a lifetime (you will too!).  With the iClicknPrint Online Design Center you can easily personalize your certificate with decorative fonts, and suggested wording, or simply use a template to create an official certificate.
Certificate of Achievement Science Department iclicknprint 1
Certificate of Achievement Science Department Iclicknprint 1
Certificate of Excellence iclicknprint
Certificate of Excellence iclicknprint
  • The next step is to decide what your message will be.  Once that is done, you are ready to design!
  • Begin your certificate by logging into the iClicknPrint website to use our FREE Online Design Center.  To help you design quickly and easily – you can watch a video demonstration at the click of a button.
  • After your certificate is designed, simply save, click and print!
Favourite Teacher certificate iclicknprint
Favourite Teacher certificate iclicknprint
Graduation Glory certificate iclicknprint
Graduation Glory certificate iclicknprint

The best way to celebrate yours child’s success is to recognize and reward their hard work.  We suggest presenting their custom Graduation Certificate in a beautiful certificate frame they can hang in their room as a reminder of your appreciation of their efforts, and a job well done!

Celebrate graduation this year with iClicknPrint!

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