Invitations: How Do You Say What You Want to Say?

We’ve all been there, writing out wedding invitations or planning your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.
The art of writing invitations is one that’s hard to master. Wedding invitations are an excellent example of this. Not only do they inform your guests of the time, date, and location of your big day, they can also indicate who paid for the event, whether children may attend, or even how guests are expected to dress. Getting it right can be a daunting task.

You may never be faced with the difficult task of writing wedding invitations, but chances are you will have to write a holiday card at some point. It is an art that has rattled the best of us, including some of our nation’s chief executives. What is the proper wording that will convey your message individually, to everyone on your mailing list?

The dilemma with words doesn’t stop there. What happens when you throw an elegant dinner party? Horead? How does the wording change when the “dinner” is a backyard BBQ? Each party will have a different feel, evoke different emotions. The same should be true of the different invitations.

Stressed out yet? There’s no need to be! Once you know what kind of invitation or card you need to create, visit our suggested wording pages to find the perfect sentiment for your projects. We’ll get you started with hundreds of different writing and design options. No more second-guessing your invitations and cards; let iClickn’Print take the guesswork out of the equation!

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