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Achievement Certificates Geographics iclicknprint
Achievement Certificates Geographics iClicknPrint

Designing and printing your own certificates of appreciation as awards can make a lasting impression on those in both your personal and professional community. Using printable certificates for gift-making is a meaningful but inexpensive way of showing thanks to any of your peers who are deserving of an award! Printable award certificates can be used in a variety of ways to meet your needs and the needs of your award recipients.

A certificate of appreciation is a highly personal gift, so you should not hold back from including details or embellishments that accurately express your appreciation. One of the benefits of digitally designing your certificates is that you can incorporate visual details such as photos or logos into your awards with ease. Furthermore, you can choose to be as formal or informal as you want in your award’s message and appearance so the certificate personally relates to the recipient while also maintaining the voice of your company or organization. Deciding on what type of printable certificate you want to use is a good first step to making a unique set of in appreciation certificates.

Buy Printable Certificates

Standard 8.5”x11” letter size certificate paper is the most common size used for certificates of appreciation. However, there are smaller sizes available that often come in 2UP and 3UP packs, featuring two and three certificates per sheet respectively. 2UP and 3UP certificates are a great choice of material for kids’ awards or gift certificates, and they can help you save money and time when printing. In terms of certificate designs, you will find all types of patterns and colors when shopping online. Traditional certificates are often seen with a filigree border in colors such as blue, green, burgundy, gold or silver. However, you can also find certificates in a wide variety of themed designs or made from specific materials. Parchment certificates, for instance, add formality to an award. Certificates with foil designs are eye-catching and can increase the visual appeal of your awards.

If you are new to making certificates of appreciation or you don’t have any stationery design software, you can easily design and print an 8.5”x11” certificate simply using your word processing program of choice. Traditionally award certificates are oriented landscape, but you can choose which orientation works best for your awards. All you need to do is type in your award message using your preferred fonts and then add any digital embellishments such as pictures or logos. Using this method, you can create fast but professional-looking certificates in minutes. If you’d prefer a bit more guidance, look for free downloadable templates from online stationery retailers; award templates typically have a pre-structured layout to help you design and print your certificates correctly.

Making custom certificates to show appreciation for the hard workers in your life is a cost-effective way of showing that you care. The iClicknPrint Design Center offers Geographics® customers ready-made templates and creative tools so they can create and print certificates for free. DIY and save!



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