Make Posters to Lead the Cheers

school spirit poster

It’s football season, which means that it’s also cheerleading season! Every squad wants to be better than the squad on the other side of the field. Your cheers needs to be more creative, your voices louder and your tumbling more elaborate than your rivals.

The iClickn’Print Online Design Center has a few more ways to take your squad to the next level. Leave the away team’s squad in awe with big, bold posters. We offer poster board in a variety of color, making it easy to show your school spirit by starting with poster board in one of your school colors. Once you’ve stocked up on poster board in your colors it’s time to get creative. Log onto iClickn’Print to start designing your posters. Simply enter your product code and the software presents you with the exact template you need to turn your spirited ideas into reality.

Again, you get the chance to let your school colors shine by customizing your font color, border color or image color. Add clipart to your design to give it some extra flair. We have hundreds of professional clipart images to choose from including football icons, crowds of fans and even cheerleaders.

Once you’ve printed your design, putting it together is as easy as piecing together a puzzle with our layering technique. The end result is a poster that looks like you had it professionally printed. Once your design is adhered to the poster board, it’s time to add embellishments. Try adding glitter, a fringed border or even homemade pom poms to your poster. Your finished project will be sure to have your fans on their feet cheering through the entire game.

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